Former UFC fighter Roger Huerta knocks out man who knocked out a woman

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lmao. He whooped his ass.

lmao. He whooped his ass.

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WTF that guy sucker punched a

WTF that guy sucker punched a lady from behind. He deserved that crap. He's lucky Roger let up, if a guy like Roger really went at him especially when he was on the ground, that guy could be crippled for life.

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do you guys know what's

do you guys know what's really messed up about this? The guy who punched out the chick isn't just "some guy", he's 230lb former NFL linebacker and Texas Longhorn star Rashad Bobino.

Odds are that this former NFL player sees a 5-9, 160 lb white dude coming at him and thinks it's going to be an easy fight...nope

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yeah, a little 160 pound dude

yeah, a little 160 pound dude comes up to a 230 pound football player and hes probably thinking who the hell is this little guy. Obviously the football player had it coming. MMA guys, even in an uncontrolled street fight enviroment, are gonna whoop your ass 99% of the time.

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