Former K-State guard Laurie Koehn CRUSHES Stauskas/Hooper 3's in 5 mins

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Former K-State guard Laurie Koehn CRUSHES Stauskas/Hooper 3's in 5 mins

Thanks to Rob Dauster for this, the woman is just automatic. Laurie Koehn, who played collegiately at Kansas State, briefly for the Washington Mystics and now for the Atlanta Dream, just destroyed what I believed to be two incredibly impressive 3 pointers made in 5 minute marks.

Nik Stauskas made 102 triples in 5 minutes (did it in HS, video was from 2011), than challenged someone to beat his mark. Incoming St. John's player Max Hooper (yes, he does sound like a basketball superhero or comic book character) beat the mark with 108 in 5 minutes, than went on to better that with 109 in 5 minutes. For video evidence, click this link which goes to a thread from a month ago.

Hooper has since made 118 in 5 minutes, incredibly impressive in my mind as well:

Now, enter Laurie Koehn. In a video yesterday, Koehn set a standard that I personally find shockingly impressive. She made 132 three pointers in 5 minutes with two basketballs and one rebounder! Seriously!?!? That is 98%, plus at one point she makes 81 in a row! Guessing they would have to go really hard to beat that mark, Laurie put them to shame.

Have to give her big time props, amazing. That is slightly over 26 made triples per minute, amazing. Well, here is the video evidence, wonder if Stephen Curry or Klay Thompston will try and go after it? Would be cool to see who could make the most NBA triples in 5 minutes with two roundballs and a rebounder. This is legit college three though, was guessing that people would want to see this act of incredible shooting ability.

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The sad part is I think there

The sad part is I think there are better shooter not in the NBA but the thing is not only do you have to be able to shoot, you have to get your shot off. I would like to see where Kolver and Reddick stand.

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It's crazy that she is

It's crazy that she is getting just 5 mpg in the WNBA with such a shooting ability.

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Woman use a size smaller

Woman use a size smaller ball, would that make some difference?

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