Former JUCO to NBA Player.........

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Former JUCO to NBA Player.........

Qyntel Wods got a workout with the Nets....

He was selected 21st Overall straight out of Junior College in 02, and was dubbed as the next Tracy McGrady.... didn't pan out to well

Has been tearing it up overseas tho, named the best small forward over there this year.....

Dude still got it:

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Woah, What happened to this

Woah, What happened to this guy...

Being drafted in the first round fresh out of JUCO is great, but Woods was a guy that often had a hard time staying out of trouble...

Being named the best SF means he must be doing something right, hopefully he can return, and get back on track, all that potential isnt there anymore, but he could be a nice bench player for a few teams..

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last season he plays in my country in Asseco Prokom. Very good player. He prove it in Euroleague

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