Former Buckeye A Cav?

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Former Buckeye A Cav?

The Cavs could probably trade the #1 pick to the Sixers, for Evan Turner and their 11th pick. Turner can play small forward for the Cavs, which is more his natural position than shooting guard. Turner is a point forward. Then with the 11th pick and 19th pick, the Cavs can make package both of them to move up, or keep them and add more young solid pieces to their core.

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Turner is NOT a forward at this level and

there is no reason to believe they could package those picks to move up. Nobody wants those picks. But I'm sure Philly doesn't want anyone bad enough to trade up there anyways. They missed the playoffs because Bynum screwed them, they are close, they aren't giving up multiple assets for a project.

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As a Cavs fan I would take

As a Cavs fan I would take that all day long... No way the Sixers give up a proven talent AND the 11th pick for the 1st pick in a weak draft.

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Me too

I like it too. Hardy possible but this idea is great for us. 1st or 11th in this draft maybe doesnt matter

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The only thing Evan Turner

The only thing Evan Turner has proven is that he's an average to below average player.
Negative Offensive Win Shares, 12.1 PER, .478TS
Thats awful.
With the Cavs, you're putting a player who struggles without the ball in his hands in another position to play without the ball.

IMO, nobody should be looking to trade for Evan Turner unless they're buying low. This trade is not a buy low.

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While I'm not so sure about

While I'm not so sure about this trade for either team, I do know Turner needs a change of scenery. As a second pick he was supposed to come in and be the man for the 76ers but it seems Jrue has taken that role and depending on Bynum he would be the third option on this team. Being a third option on a championship team is another story but not on this 76ers team the way it is constructed. He has too much talent to be playing the way he has been, I think a change of scenery would help him wonders.

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There might be a former Buckeye at the Cavs next year, but it would be Greg Oden.
If healthy this guy would fill a real need, especially if Varejao misses as much time as he did last season.

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I love the idea for the cavs

I love the idea for the cavs

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