Ford Rejects Buyout Offer From Pacers

The Pacers tried to throw point guard T.J. Ford into Wednesday's four-team trade.

When that didn't work they tried to negotiate a buyout with the veteran to a similar result.

Indiana offered Ford a buyout of $5 million.

"I'm not taking a buyout," said Ford, who is scheduled to make $8.5 million this coming season.

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WTF is wrong with Ford? Indiana doesn't want him and I think the feelins is mutual... He should look for a team where he can play a lot of minutes now that the Pacers look to put Collison as the starter..

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Additionally, five players

Additionally, five players were invited to camp, all long-shots to make what is already a full roster: Marqus Blakely, Courtney Fortson, Chris Johnson, Trent Plaisted and Hank Thorns.

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Indiana doesn't want him and

Indiana doesn't want him and I think the feelins is mutual..


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