Football, how good is the SEC?

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Football, how good is the SEC?

First off I am an ACC fan not an SEC fan but watch Alabama just destroy Michigan on a neutral field. Then considering they (sec) have won 6 straight national titles. I just got to ask what is up in NCAA football, I am starting to think the SEC is really that good, Watching the Alabama Michigan game.... Alabama just destroyed them. Not happy but got to give the Tide a nod.

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Michigan was flat out

Michigan was flat out embarrassed. Denard was a complete non-factor. The SEC is head and shoulders better above the Big Ten. They have been the premier football conference in the country for the past decade or so and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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USC will win it all this

USC will win it all this year. They were arguably the best team last year as well, just not bowl eligible

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A dark-horse has to be West

A dark-horse has to be West Virginia, they have an absolutely un-containable offense led by senior QB Geno Smith and all-american playmakers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey

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Still in the midst of a

Still in the midst of a lengthy battle with anxiety disorder, Royce White says that he’s ready to put those issues behind him and contribute for the Houston Rockets.

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