Following teams because of specific players drafted

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Following teams because of specific players drafted

Hi, I've been lurking these forums just reading most things for a good year now. First post so hello!

So as a person not from the US (Australia) I find that given I don't have in any allegiances based on locality or where I grew up (like I have with Aussie football over here) all the teams I follow in the NBA are because of specific players. For example I watch most pistons, cavs and Philly games because of Brandon knight, Kyrie and Jrue respectively. I find I do the same thing on the college level as well (watched a lot of Texas games).

What I wanted to ask is that are there many people that follow teams, or will follow teams because of where are player gets drafted? For me I really like Myck Kabongo and am likely to follow whatever team he picks him up.

I don't really mean like just following the individual as I am right into the whole roster of all the teams I have mentioned, but i was originally drawn to those teams because of the one player getting drafted. Often it's because I see pre draft interviews of people and just feel I can relate to the players.

Anyone else do the same?

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yea im a fan of players

yea im a fan of players rather than teams as well. In my opinion, rooting for your hometown team or something like that made sense back when the only games you could watch were your hometown teams but now you can watch teams from everywhere. For instance if your favorite player was chris paul, why would you suddenly hate him because he went from the Hornets to the Clippers? He still plays the same way. I was a Nets "fan" when Jason Kidd was there as he was my first favorite player and then moved on to follow LeBron, Dwade, Drose and Kyrie Irving throughout the years. I may be a minority and some people call me a bandwagoner but I honestly don't see the point of watching crappy basketball when you could be watching the best players in the world especially when you are trying to learn from them.

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I've been a fan of the Kings

I've been a fan of the Kings since 2010 because of DeMarcus Cousins

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Same here. I always use them

Same here. I always use them in Association mode because Boogie is a straight beast! If only he can mature on court in real life lol. But I am a Bobcats fan. Growing up in North Carolina I was always a Hornets fan before they relocated to New Orleans. I'm glad we are getting the name back and hopefully can get some great draft picks the next couple of years

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Yeah I used to hate the

Yeah I used to hate the Golden State Warriors - they didn't play any D, Monta Ellis was wildly overrated by Warriors fans and they made some questionable draft choices (Udoh over Monroe).

Then they hired Mark Jackson, shipped off Monta and drafted Harrison Barnes. Barnes was my favourite player in the previous draft alongside Drummond. I tend to get attached to players who were #1 players in high school whose stock drops because I like to see a redemption take place.

So far this has worked out for Barnes, Drummond and Stephenson.

I'm also from Australia. My team is the Celtics, but I'm more than happy to root for other teams if they have a playing group I really like. It comes down to a team's character more than anything, although the Celtics will always be my #1.

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Since the sonics left, I tend

Since the sonics left, I tend to keep an eye on the teams who have a Husky. Been fun to catch a Kings game here and there, and I enjoyed watching Nate Robinson with the bulls this year. Also pleased to see Quincy Pondexter has found a home as a rotation guy in memphis. He was a real gamer at UW. Never liked spencer hawes, so I could care less about the sixers. I hope Tony Wroten makes his way out of the D-League someday. Dude is a project (and kind of a headcase) but the things he does well are pretty insane. His ability to drive and penetrate are NBA quality, and his court vision/passing has always been spectacular. He just cant shoot, AT ALL, doesnt have any clue how to play team defense, and only has one gear- reckless abandon. He's the type of dude where if he put it all together could be a great player, but if he never cracked an NBA rotation I wouldnt be all that surprised. He's only 20. Time will tell.

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I think anyone who is a real

I think anyone who is a real basketball enthusiast would agree with you. I know a lot of us follow players from highschool on up, and like to watch how their careers turn out, or how they develop over time. I'll always follow the Boston Celtics because I was born in Boston, but when I moved to UConn in 04 it become like second nature to follow those guys. Players like Drummond, Ben Gordon, Okafor, and Kemba are all players who I follow because of their basketball lineage, and usually always know what they're doing in the NBA.

Anyone who says they're a fan of players and not a team, I kind of feel bad for you. Becoming accustomed to the history of an organization is far sweeter than any individual accomplishment. Sure when Dirk won his ring I was elated, but it just wasn't the same feeling for me as seeing the Celtics/Red Sox/Bruins win it all. Imagine being a Cubs fan when they finally get their chance…

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with player movement these days, it's hard to find a "team"

So following players makes sense. I'll always be a Lakers fan, and I use to live in North Carolina, so I root for Charlotte even though they will suck as long as Jordan owns them. But I follow players, too, because they all move so often.

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I don't have an issue with keeping an eye

I don't have an issue with keeping an eye on rookie performances when they are drafted to their respected teams because we've all followed them since high-school.

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I became a fan of the Miami

I became a fan of the Miami Heat years ago because they acquired my favorite player at the time Alonzo Mourning. I just continued to became Heat fan afterwards. I grew pretty far from any sports teams so most people in my town liked teams for arbitrary reasons and it didn't bother anyone.

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I'm sure that's Justin

I'm sure that's Justin Bieber's explanation too.

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Yeah I do the same. I live in

Yeah I do the same. I live in Mississippi so the only professional sports teams I'm remotely close to are the Grizzlies, the Pelicans, and the Saints, and I've never been a diehard fan of any of them. I've always been a huge fan of the Falcons and the Braves, but I've never had just one NBA team. However, I'm a huge fan of many guys in college, so when they go to different teams I start to follow them. I've been a Thunder fan ever since they came to OKC because that's where I was born, so I'm always gonna be a Thunder fan now. But I get attached to guys in college, it's hard not to root for them. Like:

Wizards - John Wall and Bradley Beal
Warriors - Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes
Kings - DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Freddette
Pacers - Paul George and Roy Hibbert
Cavs - Kyrie Irving
Pelicans - Anthony Davis
Bobcats - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

I'm just the type of guy that likes a lot of players.

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Wall, DC, Davis, MKG, Nerlens

Wall, DC, Davis, MKG, Nerlens Noel avatar, how can you rep Mississippi and have such a hard on for so many Kentucky players? Big K.R.I.T. and the Manning family would be ashamed of you.

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I have been following the

I have been following the Lakers since the early Nineties. Penny was my guy since he went to Memphis State. So I loved Orlando with him and Shaq. ... I also liked the Lake Show teams too, so when Shaq went to LA I was pissed off as a Penny fan, but I followed the Lakers more again.

Now I am a Memphis Grizzlies fan since we had our own guys from the Pau Gasol, J Will, and Shane Battier Era. Our own distinctive Grit n Grind team makes it fun to follow too.

I love my Memphis Tigers still, but the Grizzlies are up there, and I still follow the Lakers and appreciate it when they have good teams.

Other than that, Derrick Rose is my guy (I once saw him in the business building in college) so I follow the Bulls.

I also like the Blazers more when they drafted Will Barton. He is one of my favorite guys and I wanted the Grizzlies to draft him, but Tony Wroten is really growing on me. The Blazers are also working out DJ Stephens so if they sign him they will probably be my second favorite team in the league behind the Grizzlies. WB and DJ are more fun to watch tough than just about anyone on the Griz (outside of Marc Gasol and Tony Wroten) so the Blazers might turn into my guilty pleasure.

I am mad the Spurs beat us this year. Game 3 occurred on my birthday and I was there in the building. It would have been nice to win, but I was thinking, there is no way we beat these guys four times. But, we did get them in 2011 so we will always have that. I really RESPECT what they do, they have brilliant offensive weapons and a great coach. Gary Neal hit a game winner on us in 2011 so I know where that guy is coming from. Yeah, we beat them in 2011, but it wasn't the same team really. Kawhi Leonard wasn't there yet, Danny Green didn't play much, and Neal and Splitter were rookies (although Splitter did play great D inside). ... if the Grizzlies or Blazers don't draft DJ Stephens then I hope the Spurs do. Great system with great coaches and I think they will maximize DJ's talent and strengths.

Finally, like other NBA team fans, I still follow guys that used to play for us. Still a Rudy Gay fan. I still like GV. I was happy for Mike Miller and Shane Battier getting rings last year. I will obviously follow Z Bo if we do end up trading him. And, if we do trade him I hope it is for Pau Gasol. Gasol would come back to Memphis to play with his little bro. That would be really cool. Then he could retire as a Grizzly which would make sense. Pau was the first MEMPHIS Grizzly.

I think it is great to have a home town team to root for (or just a long-time favorite team), but also other teams you like to follow, as well as your favorite players throughout the league. Having a favorite college team helps too. And, everyone loves to watch great college prospects like Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. And, I am not any different.

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I'm from the DFW area, and

I'm from the DFW area, and basically born a Mavs fan. The other team I'm a big fan of, is the Warriors because departure of Don Nelson leaving the Mavs to the Warriors. I also am a big fan of players, my favorite player is Durant so when I'm not rooting for the Mavs or Warriors, the Thunder are next in line. After watching the Thunder and Durant play, I grew as a fan of James Harden. He became my next favorite player after Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Dirk. Once Harden left the Thunder I started to like the Rockets and what they are doin down there in Houston.

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I had a Minnesota Vikings

I had a Minnesota Vikings phase in the late 90's and early 2000's that Randy Moss was solely responsible for so yeah....I can understand.

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you live in an area that doesn't have an NBA team or are from out of the country, then having your loyalties change with player movement makes complete sense. If I wanted to watch Euro ball then I wouldn't say "I'm only going to cheer for so-and-so" I would just want to watch games with the most talent.

However, as someone who was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, to actually TRUELY root for someone other than the Bulls is simply not an option for me. I love my team reguardless of who they have (looking at you "Baby Bulls" and Eddie Robinson). I think it feels better as a fan when you see "your" team succeed and you know you have been there from the start.

Side note: I almost lost my voice screaming when the Bulls got Rose in the draft lottery (which I fully feel is rigged, but that's not what this topic is about). I know I could never be THAT excited for any other team landing a future superstar.

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I'm the type of guy that falls in loves with teams because I fell in love with specific players. For instance, my favorite NBA team is the Denver Nuggets. I originally became a fan of the team because of Carmelo Anthony. Whenever I was young, I thought Carmelo was the real deal, and the main reason that Denver kept making it back to the postseason.

Since Carmelo made me fall in love with the Denver Nuggets franchise, a lot of other players from the team have grown on my throughout the years. I still keep very close tabs on Carmelo Anthony as he is still my favorite player. However, I also keep tags on players that I loved that are no longer in Denver. For example, J.R. Smith, Chauncey Billups, Nene, Kenyon Martin, and Aaron Afflalo. All were key contributors to the Nuggets over the years, and I will always have passionate respect for them and what they did for my team.

Even though Carmelo left Denver, I can't help but respect his game and cherish what he did for us as a franchise. In all honesty, I think that the trade to New York was good for both Carmelo and myself, because he helped me discover new players that I wouldn't have thought much about before they became Nuggets. A big one is Danilo Gallinari. I knew NOTHING of Gallinari whenever he was traded to Denver, but I am very, very pleased to announce that he is my second favorite player on the Nuggets. I just love his game. He's scrappy and a good shooter. He can handle the ball and make plays, and he just plays the right kind of basketball in my opinion. I have nothing but mad respect for Danilo Gallinari, and I honestly think that he has the potential to be a star someday in this league.

The most amazing thing about that trade wasn't Gallinari, though. As much as I love Gal, he isn't my favorite player on the roster. This guy didn't come over in the trade, but whenever Chauncey Billups was sent to New York, he was brought up to be the new starting point guard. Yes, I am talking about Ty Lawson. Ty Lawson is without a doubt my favorite player on the Denver Nuggets, and both he and Carmelo Anthony are my two favorite players in the NBA, with Danilo Gallinari not far behind. Lawson was given the opportunity of a lifetime, and he took it and ran with it, really, really, really fast. He's a stud. I love his game, as I love how he has become the leader of our squad. Even with his small size, Lawson has the skills and leadership qualities to be great. I am very thankful that he was given an opportunity, and will forever adore him as a player, even if he leaves our team.

To finish this response off, I would also like to make a point that I am a huge supporter of my favorite college basketball players, so I will always be behind them in the NBA.

Some examples:

Meyers Leonard (Illinois fan)
Deron Williams
Jimmer Fredette
Gordon Hayward
Kyle Singler

The list goes on and on, but if I take an interest into someone as a college player, I will ALWAYS root for them in the NBA.

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I am a massive Pacers fan,

I am a massive Pacers fan, however living in New Zealand I became a fan do to Reggie Miller and no other reason. The amazing thing is for the first time since Reggie Miller my favorite player is actually on my favorite team. (Paul George)

Outside of that my 2nd fave player is Damian Lillard so I support the Trailblazers and also tend to like the guys that come of of smaller schools like George, Lillard, Leonard and Curry.

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RENAME-Bias Homers Thread lol

I'll follow my Canadians pretty hardcore. Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph, Andrew Nicholson although Im a pretty avid Basketball fan I did the same thing when the Raptors drafted Valanciunas. I started tracking his games in Lithuania with Lietuvos Rytas (I think that's how you spell it). I never was a fan of Rytas but more an optimistic fan of Jonas.

Wherever Kabongo, Olynyk, Bennett or even Ejim, Wiltjer, Powell, Pangos, Lyles, Rathan Mayes, Wiggins, Murray etc. end up playing I'll route for them step by step. I was a pretty big Texas fan when they committed Thompson, Joseph, and Kabongo but now that I can confidently say Barnes system stunted each players growth I can't stand Texas. Gonzaga, Syracuse, and UNLV are three teams I have always routed for due to the fact that they have always shown interest in Canadian talent. Next year I three definitely route for Kansas a team I have always respected and enjoyed watching but never particularly routed for and Florida State a team I've always loved for their rough and tough bruising play and ability to always develop hardnose players Bernard James, Chris Singleton, Snaer.

Also smaller market teams like Illinios State with Kaza Keane a gritty pass first floor general and new recruit Mikyle Mcintosh high talent athlete forward will catch my eye as my Canadians committ there. Duane Notice is another guy Im excited for playing as a freshman at South Carolina next year.

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