Flopdown says....

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Flopdown says....

Chris walker will be a top 20 pick, borderline lotto pick.
Doug mcdermott goes after 25
Kasey HIll is a one and done
Andrew Harrison is the best player on the UK team.
Deonte Burton from marquette is a one and done
Shabazz Napier dominates and goes in the first rounder

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lol! everyone makes mistakes

lol! everyone makes mistakes sometimes. shabazz napier dominates! lol! that would shock me.

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1.Those Chris Walker to KG

1.Those Chris Walker to KG comparisons are so far off,he reminds me more of Tyrus Thomas..

2.McDermott's performance this summer and with a solid sr. season,he could move up a few spots in the draft next year....From a 2nd round pick to maybe the 13 to 25 range.....

3.I feel Shabazz Napier is being overlooked as a pro prospect..But i doubt he'll go in the 1st round,maybe mid to late 2nd....

4. It wouldnt surprise me at all,if Andrew Harrison not Marcus Smart ,is the 1st pg taken in next year's draft....

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Andrew Harrison may well be

Andrew Harrison may well end up being the best player on the UK team but he has some of the worst body language I have ever seen. There also may be a bit of a power struggle within that UK team trying to figure out who the alpha male is going to be. Randle to me, seems like he will assert himself.

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From the list the only one I

From the list the only one I partly agree with is Harrison and like you said Randle seems like that type of player. Only thing that stops Randle from being the man is a lack of feeds from Harrison.

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Possible counterpoints

Think that these are fine predictions, you definitely are entitled to your opinion, just wanted to provide some counterpoints as to why they may not happen.

1. Well, it is official and if you have not read about it, Chris Walker is not enrolling for the Fall Semester at Florida. While he hopes to enroll during the Winter term in December, it seems like that is not necessarily a slam dunk and he may have work to do. I think Walker is talented and he has the athleticism and looks of a NBA PF, though I am not sure about his SF skills at this point. The problem is, he played at a pretty low level of competition in HS and if he doesn't suit up for UF, he will be a major gamble. Certainly has ability, just think he needs to prove it against legitimate competition before landing that high in the draft, or else people could be in for a major let down.

2. I know you have apparently not been impressed with Doug McDermott, but the guy has role player written all over him. He can do more than just shoot the ball, has a legitimate all-around game and while defense may be an issue, he will keep defenses honest when he is on the floor. Not sure he is a lottery pick, though I do think he definitely can and most likely will go before 25.

3. Have to be honest, seeing Kasey in person did not blow me away. Dennis Schroeder kind of owned him and while he was the best team leader on Team USA, I do not think he showed himself as being ready for the pros. Think it would be best for him to take his time. He should be an immediate contributor and he is slightly older than the average freshman, however I think he might benefit greatly from a second year from a draft stock perspective.

4. Andrew was not better than Julius, just do not think he is. Certainly is talented, just question his attitude and I also question his ability to get his teammates involved. Andrew could be primed for a big season, just do not see him passing Julius Randle as the best player on that team or as far as draft stock.

5. I know you have been high on Burton, however what makes him a one-and-done? Where would you rate him amongst incoming freshman? Just would be nice to get more context (and content) to go along with your predictions. If you think that Deonte is a top 10 freshman, than that would be enough to put him into (possible) one-and-done territory. However, it would not assure him a first round selection. Not to mention, there are numerous upperclassmen he will be battling for PT with, this team will have Jamil Wilson and Davante Gardner doing all they can to get noticed by pro brass. I think that Burton could have a bright college future, but being a one-and-done in likely second round territory at best is probably not a good look. He is sort of in between wing positions and will more than likely contribute, just do not know why he would want to rush it.

6. I felt that Shabazz improved quite a bit last season. Still see some qualities that scare me regarding his pro potential. Think he overdribbles, has a questionable shot selection and have heard some concerns regarding his attitude. Has a chance to be a first rounder, would not bank on it. Hard to see him as a starting level NBA PG in my mind. While a quality back-up is definitely worthy of a late-first round pick, again have issues with Napier along those lines. He may have a huge senior season, though he will need one to merit being chosen that high.

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1. Chris Walker is strictly

1. Chris Walker is strictly an athlete right now. He can't shoot, pass or dribble and has an incredibly low basketball i.q.

2. McDermott is the best player in college BB right now and will likely win the NPOY..... The only NPOY not drafted in the lotto was Jameer Nelson, who was drafted 20th overall.

3. Kasey Hill will be making huge a mistake if goes the one and done route, because he will not be taken ahead Marcus Smart, Jahii Carson, Andrew Harrison, or Semaj Christon. There are also too many talented players at other positions who teams will not pass on. He should wait for 2015.

4. Julius Randle will put together the best freshman season in the post since Michael Beasley.

5. Haven't seen him play

6. He might dominate, but I doubt he goes in the first round because he is not a starting NBA point guard or a versatile enough scorer with size to be an effective combo. He is not a better NBA prospect than AJ Price was even.

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I live in Lexington and saw

I live in Lexington and saw Julius Randle on campus - dude is humongous. He looked like he was about to kick the sidewalk's ass for not being soft enough.

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