So, what's going to happen?

Who do we draft?

Will we finally trade up in the draft to get one of the scoring big men that are just overly abundant in a draft for the first time in years? God I hope so.

Will we have a good idea of which free agents we will be signing by the time the draft rolls around? I am pretty sure we knew about the Ben Wallace (makes me want to shoot myself) signing on Day 1 of free agency.

What do you guys think?

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If they stay where they are

If they stay where they are in the draft, I hope they can get either Anderson or Sanders. Anderson would help at the 2 and Sanders could be a nice defensive presence down low off the bench.

As far as free agents? That is a tough call.

A lot of people do not agree with me but since I don't believe LeBron, Wade, or Bosh are coming here, I think the best options would be to try and get Boozer and Ray Allen. It may not be the best choices available but I think that team could be contenders next year.

Rose/ Hinrich
Allen/ Anderson
Deng/ James Johnson.
Boozer/ Taj
Noah/ Asik

Or if they sign Pargo back to back up Rose, they can go with Sanders to add more depth to the frontline and have Kirk play both guard positions off the bench.

Then, hear me out, trade Deng and do a sign and trade with Kirk in the off season and go hard after Carmelo in the Summer.

2011 roster

Rose/ ????
Allen/ Anderson
Carmelo/ Johnson
Boozer/ Taj
Noah/ Asik

Just my opinion. I am thoroughly looking forward to this draft and the free agent drama. I jus hope the Bulls don't pull another T-Mac situation where they bring Benny the Bull and fat ass Krause to the airport to greet him, T-Mac laughs and gets back on the plane, and the Bulls end up with Ron Mercer.

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I Really Think That LeBron is coming here

I can't believe I am saying this, because it seems too good to be true, but I think LeBron is coming. The Bulls really are his best fit and an immediate path to title contention. Seriously, the Bulls would be considered a Top 5 team in the NBA with LeBron and another free agent.

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I don't think LBJ is going to Chicago

I feel like the perfect fit would be D.Wade...Him and Rose is much better fit then Rose and LBJ...Sign Wade to the home team and draft to best big guy available...the pick has to be a versatile SF/PF type(Babbit???or Udoh if he falls...) Pat Patterson would be a steal as well...I really think PP has some early E.Brand moments...I think if he falls there grab him....

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Gut the BULLS!!!

Every Bulls fan knows deep down that we aren't going to get LeBron, D. Wade, or Chris Bosh, and besides, none of the free agent big men are "back to the basket" low post threats anyway. They aren't going to trade up high enough in the draft to get anybody with star potential, and they probably would be better off signing multiple free agents and adding depth than having just one guy (Blackhawks fans know what I'm talking about). I think the Bulls are in need of more changes than some of you guys think.

No. 1 > Sign Thibodeau as coach. Period. Defense is back at the UC.

No. 2 > Target this combination of free agents:
SF Rudy Gay
SG/SF Mike Miller
SG Anthony Morrow
C Earl Barron

No. 3 > Trade Deng and a future 1st to LAC for Chris Kaman. (Too bad nobody would trade for Hinrich now.) Trade #17 pick to POR for Rudy Fernandez

2010/11 BULLS

PG Rose/Hinrich
SG Fernandez/Morrow
SF Gay/Miller/J. Johnson
PF Noah/Gibson
C Kaman/Barron

Its definitely a top 4 team in the East and maybe better, and also leaves them with cap flexibility to resign Noah and D. Rose to big deals in the future. Deep bench, young, talented and IMPROVING, starting 5...What's not to like??

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I ride wit Melo wherever

First off they shouldn't jump at any mediocre FA's instead get a good combo of role players


trade up for a decent big Whiteside will be good he has the physical ability I just hope he has the D12 work ethic

Trade Deng for expiring deals and Hinrich for an expiring deal have room for two MAX guys in 2011 then go after Anthony, Horford and JR Smith. draft a back up PG like Kemba Walker thats a perfect off season

C- Noah/Asik/Whiteside
F- Horford/Gibson
F- Anthony/Brewer/Johnson
G- Miller/Smith
G- Rose/Walker/Pargo

with Thibedou as Head Coach and maybe an offensive mastermind as the assistant they be title contenders for 4-6 years

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We can dream...

Melo and D. Rose would be a better fit than Wade, Bosh, and even LeBron. Unfortunately, that's not happening.

I guarantee you, the Bulls will NOT get any top tier, star free agent this year. D. Wade said it best when he brought up the loyalty issue. Even though the whole Krause era is way over, these new players still remember how Jordan, Pippen and Co. were treated on the way out. The only way the Bulls will get SUPERSTAR talent is through the draft or trade.

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It wasn’t so long ago that

It wasn’t so long ago that O.J. Mayo was one of the hottest names in the rumor mill. The Indiana Pacers tried to get him several times, the Minnesota Timberwolves were among the other interested teams, and yet Mayo found himself looking for a home in free agency this summer.

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With 18 players still on

With 18 players still on Houston’s roster, it’s hard to gauge which of the non-guaranteed guys will get a real shot at making the team, but Smith says he enjoys having all those young players to compete with every day.

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