Final Prediction

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Final Prediction

Who do you guys see in the Finals?

I have either the Pacers or the Heat making it out the East. I still need to see the Pacers generate offense in a consistent basis in the playoffs in order to assess if they can stand the Heat. The one problem I have with the Heat is that they do not look dominating at all; even LeBron this season. There's just something missing compared from the previous; maybe D-Wade can get back to form and help this team out; who knows.

For the West; it's a lot trickier because honestly in the first round, I just don't see any potential upsets. Meaning, if their 8th seed beat the 1st, I wouldn't really be surprised. That's how stacked this conference is. I don't want to write out the Spurs because I've been doing that for the past 5 years and last year; they proved the doubters wrong including me when they took it to the Heat and could have easily taken home a championship had Kawhi made his Free throws. I still have to go with either the Thunder or the Spurs with the Clippers being my wildcard pick. The Thunder really needs everyone to step up offensively and get stops; it can't be all KD and Westbrook. While the Spurs, well, they just need Parker to be Parker and Manu to be more of a scorer; he passed up too much shots during the Finals. The Clippers on the other hand I'm not totally convinced they have the roster to stop a LeBron or a KD. And are they good enough to generate points without Paul? Griffin's improvement warrants praise but I'm not sold on him being a #1 option on a winning team.

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