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Sadly, i think tonight is where the magic ends for Florida Gulf Coast. Not taking anything away from them but they face a very good Florida Gators team tonight. They are in the sweet 16 which is a great acomplishment and a feel good story but you have to put this in perspective. They beat IMO an overated Georgetown team and San Diego St. Those are 2 very impressive wins but Florida is not going to go down easy. Anyone think they have a shot?

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you mean tmw? i think florida

you mean tmw? i think florida will get them to, but fgcu i wouldn't sleep on beating florida either.

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If their guards keep playing

If their guards keep playing like they have the first two games they can beat just about anybody. Brown, Thompson and Comer have played better than every other backcourt in the sweet 16. I think Patric Young will have a big game inside but if Murphy isn't making his shots (which is rare) it will be a close game.

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If Young doesn't show up,

If Young doesn't show up, FGCU will win. Florida plays a very slow pace on offense, so if its a track meet, Florida could be in trouble.

Also if the game is close, FGCu has the advantage. Kenny Boynton goes invisible In close games, and Florida follows suit: 0-6 in games decided by 5 points or less.

I really hope Florida has a meltdown so I can see more Florida dunk coast

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Obviously it would be amazing

Obviously it would be amazing if FGCU won another game in this tourney, but Florida is a flawed team. I would by no means be shocked if they took them down.

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I love how loose FGCU plays.

I love how loose FGCU plays. They look like a glorified intramural team but they don't care!

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