Feedback for Updated Mock

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Feedback for Updated Mock

I've updated my mock due to the trade that took place. Can anyone give me feedback on it? Thanks!

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Justin Jackson too high, Kennard too low.

Justin Jackson is too high. It is true that the Kings need a SF with Gay not accepting his player option and becoming a free agent, but unfortunately if the Kings select a PG at 5 then at 10, the SF's available are incredibly thin. They might be better off to just wait until next year when they could have a shot at Porter, Doncic, Knox, Vanderbilt, or Bridges. That's a lot deeper than this year's class which is incredibly thin at SF. They might be wise to look at another need at 10 instead of SF, and just wait until 2018 to find their SF.

PF I would also consider a need for the Kings. I'm not certain that Skal is someone they should be looking at developing as their starting 4. Especially when Markannen is still available at 10. In my eyes Markannen is better than Skal right now and has the potential to get even better. If the Kings want to win then they need to beef up their players at every position they possibly can. They can't be content when a better player is on the board.

Also Kennard is too low. He has been killing it in workouts, and beating guys like Monk, Mitchell, and Ferguson. This does not mean that he goes before Monk, but it does mean that he should go before Mitchell and Ferguson. He actually could sneak into the late lottery. I've heard Detroit likes him and that's where I have him.

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You should have to provide

You should have to provide comments on your own mock, if you want to post it and get feedback. without any other input it's just a list of names related to teams. You didn't have any big reaches or any major fallers I saw as glanced over your list. You're playing it safe and will probably have an average mock.

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Agree with SwatLakeCity. I

Agree with SwatLakeCity. I think your first nine picks look pretty good but there are a few from Justin Jackson onwards that are a bit off in my opinion.

Of course mocks are always just our own personal opinions but I agree that Kennard seems too low considering his athletic testing and feedback from workouts.

I think teams will like Markannen's potential and if they feel his defense will/can improve, he'll likely go higher than you've got him.

Respect to anyone that puts their mock forward to be dissected though! We never truly know what teams are going to do, and what they're going to value.

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