favorite signature move

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favorite signature move

Hey guys, I was just curious as to what everyone's favorite signature move is of someone in the league today. I have a couple, one of them being Rondo's ball fakes.

I know everyone thinks of his fake behind the back pass, but even his ball fakes from a stand still position are impressive in my mind. He seems to create just enough room for his teammate that receives his pass by giving a quick fake before his actual pass.

Chris paul's between the leg move in transition is also very fun to watch. Any thoughts?

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Jamal Crawford's crazy move

Jamal Crawford's crazy move

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Jordan's fadeaway. The grace, the beauty, the elevation, the hangtime, the precision, the body control. You knew it was coming but one of the most difficult shots to defend along with the sky hook.

Second is my favorite player of all time, Tim Hardaway's killer crossover.

Also, James or Big Blue getting dunked on!

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I second that. Probably the

I second that. Probably the highest degree of difficulty I've ever seen in a signature move. If you're known for a 10-17 foot fade away jumper...good luck stopping that.

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The Hakeem dream

The Hakeem dream shake....gave David Robinson nightmares in the mid-90's.

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Wade's forward between the

Wade's forward between the legs then corral for a step back jumper
Tyreke Evans' stutter step
Steph Curry's between the legs instantly to behind the back
Westbrook's pull up
McGrady's hesitation to a pull up

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I love Rondo's fake passes,

I love Rondo's fake passes, and Kyrie Irving's spin move is sick too.

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Kareem's skyhook is the best

Kareem's skyhook is the best signature move I have seen. Completely un-blockable

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Dirk's high-arcing one-legged

Dirk's high-arcing one-legged fadeaway is probably my favorite. It looks like such an unnecessarily difficult shot, especially with the leg kick, but he is so good at it.

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Jamal Crawford's hesitation

Jamal Crawford's hesitation (or between the leg)-behind the back-crossover dribble

Stephen Curry's between the legs-behind the back (or half spin) dribble

Tony Parker's crossover-spin move while attacking the basket

Damian Lillard's hesitation (or between the legs) step back jumper


- Half spin dribble
- Post drop step (he does this a lot after the half spin dribble and can go either direction)
- Up and under
- Post shoulder fakes
- Pump fakes

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kyrie irvings pull back is

kyrie irvings pull back is bananas just ask brandon knight

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Tim Hardaways

Crossover was a killer in his time!

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does anybody know how to make

does anybody know how to make youtube videos? i think it would be cool if someone can cut clips of all the moves and put them in a video.

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Mark Jackson's

Mark Jackson's teardrop
Manu's Eurostep
Ben Gordon had a nasty step back three point shot ( not sure if he does it anymore )

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Monta Ellis spin move to

Monta Ellis spin move to finger roll
Tyreke euro step
KG shimmy shake fadeaway from the post
Curry underhand floater
Harden & Deron Williams crossover to stepback 3

Jamal Crawford shake-n-bake is #1 though

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blake griffin's tomohawk is

blake griffin's tomohawk is pretty exciting right now and maybe the most entertaining to watch today, especially when he goes through a defender. i think curry or durant's pull up from siberia is the most unstoppable, especially when they are on fire. nothing spreads the defenses more. kareem's was the most effective and unstoppable go to move of all time imo.

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