Favorite prospect in this class?

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Favorite prospect in this class?

Title pretty much says it all. Who are your top 5 favorite prospects from the 2011 class? Who will you guys be keeping an eye on?


1. Tony Wroten-favorite player in the class, flashy and super talented

2. Michael Gilchrist-I love how he plays, can't wait to see him at Kentucky

3. Adonis Thomas-going to my favorite team

4. Deuce Bello-super athlete and really exciting player

5. James McAdoo-Can't wait to see what he brings to the table for the Heels

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I really like LeBryan Nash

I really like LeBryan Nash and his tools. I hope he develops his skills to go along with his physical tools.

LeBryan Nash
Austin Rivers
Nick Johnson
Marquise Teague
Quincy Miller (anxious to see what role he will play next to Perry Jones)

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I'm going to be following the

I'm going to be following the 4 star kid who chose Harvard Wesley Saunders and the 4 star kid who chose Alcorn State(won 4 games) LeAntwan Luckett. Two interesting choices, lets see how they pan out.

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1. Adonis Thomas 2. Brad

1. Adonis Thomas

2. Brad Beal

3. Anthony Davis

4. Tony Wroten

5. Quincy Miller

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Brad Beal, BJ Young and Ben

Brad Beal, BJ Young and Ben McLemore cuz I'm from St. Louis and then Austin Rivers and Quincy Miller, wanna see how he bounce back from that ACL injury

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1, Austin Rivers - Slightly

1, Austin Rivers - Slightly overrated? Yes. But I lovce his flashy game..

2. Tony Wroten, love his game..dont know how this guy became a sleeper

3. Anthony Davis - Fell in love with him over these recent all-star games..

3. James McAdoo - Same as Davis

5. Tie between Real Deal Beal & Myck Kabongo

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has to be Michael Gilchrist,

has to be Michael Gilchrist, he's such a hard worker and hustles. Great defender and glue guy, he does alittle of everything.

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1. Kabongo

2. McAdoo

3. Adonis

4. Carter-Williams

5. Baru

Those are my favorites who I will pay attention to in college. Not ranking them by talent or anything.

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Gilchrist for me too; I love

Gilchrist for me too; I love watching how the top dog reacts to challenges to his status; as hard a worker as Gilchrist is I can see him really stepping up in college.

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i will be paying attention to

i will be paying attention to austin rivers and quincy miller...i seen their highlights the most and i like their games.

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My Favs

Michael Gilchrist- a true 3 man who can play inside and out, shoot a lil bit and rebound

Austin Rivers- the boy got moves period

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Anthony Davis Lebryan

Anthony Davis

Lebryan Nash

Austin Rivers

Tony Wroten

Myck Kabongo

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This is in no particular

This is in no particular order

  1. Myck Kabongo
  2. Austin Rivers
  3. Michael Gilchrist
  4. Marquis Teague
  5. Kendall Marshall
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Austin Rivers- has lived up

Austin Rivers- has lived up to all the hype and then some in REAL games

Mcadoo and P.J- because they will be reppin my state next season

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Arizona signees

Looking forward to seeing five star point guard Josiah Turner and shooting guard Nick Johnson.

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Myck Kabongo- Love the pass

Myck Kabongo- Love the pass first point guard

Tony Wroten Jr.- One word : Flashy

Cezar Guerrero- Can shoot, and handle the ball. Very underrated.

Marquis Teague- Lightning quick, who doesnt like that?

Austin Rivers- EYEball 3 point shooter

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1.Tony Wroten 2.Myck

1.Tony Wroten

2.Myck Kabongo

3.Khem Birch

4.Brad Beal

5.Nick Johnson

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1.quincy miller-game is

1.quincy miller-game is "easy" to him as he says

2.lebryan nash-name says it all

3.tony wroten-best passer in this class

4.khem birch-so active

5.brad beal-i love his approach to the game great shooter

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Ward, Kendall Marshall will

Ward, Kendall Marshall will be a sophomore.

My top 5 guys

1. Michael Gilchrist-Been hearing about this guy since a young age, needs to work on his outside shot, could turn into the real deal.

2. Austin Rivers-Flashy player, who wouldnt want to watch this guy play?

3. James Mcadoo-Going to my fav college team, should be interesting with him Zeller and Henson next year at UNC.

4. Quincy Miller-I want to see how it comes back from his injury, Baylor should be a fun team to watch next year with Miller, Bello, and Perry Jones.

5. Tie between Kabongo and Wroten, love to watch Wroten pass the ball and Kabongo is a blur with the ball.

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1.Brad Beal...Love his game reminds me of a young Ray Allen so much

2.Marquis Teague.....So crafty off the iso and can pass well he'll thrive at Kentucky (oh yeah hes better than his bro Jeff)

3.Quincy Miller......I mean who wouldn't like anyone thats being compared to Durant?

4.Bj Young......Really under the radar he is going to be a great guard

5.Nick Johnson.....So smooth has potential to be a deadly 2 guard

This just my top 5 favs so far Myck Kabongo is 1 to watch also

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So what if Kendall Marshall will be a sophomore next year

So what if Kendall Marshall will be a sophmore, he'll still be in college along with the rest of these guys. May be a year older but he's still just as good. Love his passing game. Like to see him develop his shot then he can be a hell of a player. I'm sure you guys are just as excited about Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones, Doron Lamb, Jeremy Lamb, and Terrance Ross as much as you are about all the other players you mentioned. And they will all be sophmores too. So I don't see why I can't be excited about Kendall Marshall as well as the other 4 I mentioned.

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You can be excited about Kendall Marshall...but not in this thread. This is listing our favorite prospects in the 2011 highschool class.

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Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams representing RI is one guy I want to see as well as LeBryan Nash and Deuce Bello who look real good in Youtube videos I saw

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