Favorite Players in 2009 Draft

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Favorite Players in 2009 Draft

We all have been posting about certain players in the draft, arguing their value and where they might go, but in this topic, lets just switch it up a little bit. Lets just talk about our favorite players in this years draft, regardless of where they go and who takes them (even though I am sure with quite a few people, including myself, where they go could influence whether I like this player or not). We all have personal biases, but lets just make a list of your 10, 20, however many favorite players in the draft. This could be because you like their skill set, their potential, their attitude or even where they went to school (I know Aaron Brooks was one of my favorite players in his draft, and I liked Maarty, Malik and hoped Bryce would get drafted last year). Also, if positivity is not your thing, list your least favorite players in the draft, maybe players who you dislike their attitude or think they might be busts (I have a feeling I know Jennings and Thabeet might make some lists for respective reasons stated before). So, here is my list of players that I like, and none of them has to do with being a big teddy bear (apologies John Bryant).

1. Brandon Jennings
2. Tyreke Evans
3. Stephen Curry
4. James Harden
5. DeJuan Blair
6. Blake Griffin
7. Omri Casspi
8. Patty Mills
9. Johnny Flynn
10. DeMar Derozan
11. Ricky Rubio
12. Ty Lawson
13. Rodrigue Beaubois
14. Jrue Holliday
15. Dominic James (Most likely undrafted, but I always thought he was a great athlete and liked his game)

Again, this was not a list of best prospects or anything close to the sort, just guys who I am most likely to be cheering for. Here is even a list of a few guys I am not so big on:

1. Chase Budinger (Good player, just did not like him)
2. Gerald Henderson (Not at all a Duke fan)
3. BJ Mullens (I thought he might be a good college player, but was not even close)
4. Psycho T (He pissed my mom off a lot when he played the Ducks in Maui, and even though I am a UNC fan, I just kind of felt the same way. He is a hard worker and could be a good story, but the reasons for the Madsen comparisons are more for how he acts on the court than anything. If I were the All-Time ACC scoring leader and crushed the UNC scoring record, those are not the comparisons I would be going after.)
5. Jon Brockman (His Huskydom hurts him a bit, lol. He would kill us, but he is small and I just am sure he will end up &$#%#[email protected]! me off at some point)

You may say that I am racist, even though I am white, but than I ask you, why do you always have to be right? My least favorite NBA player is Jason Kidd, and it was Chris Webber who I now kind of like as an announcer. Some other less than favorites of mine are Carmelo, Allen Iverson, Zach Randolph, Brad Miller and Joakim Noah (again, this has to do with his reactions when playing the Ducks, lol). I honestly can change opinions though, and I used to be very down on Steve Nash, but flipped the script once Shaq went to Phoenix, and hugely anti-Gasol but gainged respect for him watching him play the World Championships '06. Also used to be a big KG fan, but his crap this year and the year before with the Celtics has not made me very happy. My list of favorite NBA players are Shaq, LeBron, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade (who I call the most inspirational player in the league, and who when I watch makes me want to go out and play basketball), Kobe (because he is the best) and Yao Ming (Who I gained a lot of respect for watching the documentary Year of the Yao, for his ridiculous skill set for a player his size and for how he carried himself in the Olympics). Well, I would just like to hear some of people heres favorite players, so go ahead.

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I like T-Will, Jonny Flynn

I like T-Will, Jonny Flynn and Brandon Jennings. They will all be great in the NBA. I dont like Rubio, Holiday,or Derozan as good NBA players

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i love rubio and hate everyone who isn't rubio

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I love toney Douglas and thabeet and i'm down I can't. Spell his name but he's the pg from France and rubio

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out of the Draftees I love Rubio. I like Pyscho T, Hasheem Thabeet (I'm a Rockets Fan and would love to see Mutombo 2.0), Tyreke Evans (He turned it on during the season and carried Memphis), Terrence Williams (A poor man's LeBron...really poor), Patty Mills (I'm a fan of Australians), A.J Price, and Marcus Thornton (I watched his game against Kentucky and was surprised). I dislike Jennings, but before I didn't just his comments were stupid. His decision is what caused me to root for him. Curry seems to me like he'll fail. I hate Griffin because he's a Sooner and I'm a Longhorn. B.J Mullens is a disgrace. The rest I'm neutral on. As for NBA Players, A.I (Definition of Heart and a Warrior), Adam Morrison (Collegiate Version :]), Rudy Fernandez (He won me over in the Olympics), Shane Battier (What he brings night in and night out is amazing), Yao Ming (Dude takes a beating everynight and keeps on trucking, last of the original Centers with Shaq...maybe Howard. In my mind best Center, he usually dominates Howard), Vince Carter (His intentions to stick with the Nets is awesome), Luis Scola (His moves are outstanding, I use them alot and it works), and lastly Andrea Bargnani (I love his game, outside and inside). NBA Players I hate, Kobe, K.G, Chris Paul, Sasha, and a lot more.

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your number one is mine as

your number one is mine as well:

1. Brandon Jennings (i simply like his style of play and hope he´s ending up with the knicks)
2. Demar DeRozan (could become a poor man´s VC but obviosly also end up being gerald green)
3. Blake Griffin (spectacular high attitude kind of guy you just have to like that)
4. Jrue Holiday (not seen much of him i just would like to see what all the hype is about)
5. Earl Clark (will be interesting so see if he can play up to his talent)
6. Tyler Hannsbrough (if he ends up in a team i like i will like his attitude if not i think i end up calling hin an a&%&$/§)

there are other guys but that are the ones im most looking for.

i dislike these players:

1. chase budinger (just a guy i dislike)
2. stephen curry (nothing personal but looks like the knicks would waste their pick this year on him with other better players avalible)
3. Thabeet (i just don´t think he will make it on nba level and is only because of size a possible top3 pick and will be a bust)
4. rubio (just not that much in love with him like anybody else althogh he is going to be real good)

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Top 11

i like
1.Stephen Curry
2.Ty Lawson
3.DeJuan Blair
4.James Harden
5.Blake Griffin
6.Jrue Holliday
7.Tyreke Evans
8.Ricky Rubio
9.Johnny Flynn
10.Brandon Jennings

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favs and dislikes

I like
1.Blake Griffin
2. JamesHarden
3. Johnny Flynn

i dont like.
1.Tyreke Evans
2.Jrue Holiday and

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1.Harden 2.Rubio 3.Maynor 4.E

I like

I dont like

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i like johnny flynn, he

i like johnny flynn, he probably wont be the best player but i just see a fiery competitor that could shine in the right system.

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