Favorite player ever...and why?

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Favorite player ever...and why?

I know its kind of a played subject...but im interested in hearing some of your guys answers...

Mine is David Robinson...ive lived in Annapolis, MD almost all my life and when i first moved here i met D-Rob in a Kiddie City where some of the Navy guys were doing a signing...As i got older and more into basketball i realized the Spurs would be my team and i got my first D-Rob jersey in the 3rd grade! The dude is a legend and one of the most under-rated centers of all time...The kind of player who would be an all-star in ANY era. Also a great person who has donated tons of money and built schools for children. And the only Navy player ever drafted in the glad he got his ring!

who is yours?

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Never seen him play but bob

Never seen him play but bob cousy. What i heard and whatever footage ive seen of him he seemed like he had fun playing the game and was real "showtime"

if it was modern day i would say kobe bryant. From 81 pts to 4 consecutive 50 + pt games to amazing buzzer beaters. Kobe Bryant was just an explosion ready to blow up every game. Proud to see Top 5 greatest players of all time play through his prime and his end of his career

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Ben Wallace I first started

Ben Wallace

I first started watching basketball when he got to Detroit. He played with such intensity and just plain outworked everyone on the glass. Considering he was listed at 6-9 but averaged over 15 boards a game, I thought it was incredible. Undrafted and never averaged 10ppg but he made several all star teams and won a championship. If that wasnt enough, his big block on Shaq in the conference finals against Miami was just made my life.

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Tracy Mcgrady Back in the day

Tracy Mcgrady

Back in the day he just made basketball look so easy. I saw him play in Toronto and ever since then been following him and watching him go from a okay role guy to a superstar and arguably the best player in the league from 2001-2003.

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reggie miller

I've always liked rooting for the underdog and that bulls pacers series in the playoffs in 1998 was when i started to really like reggie. Plus even though i like the knicks what he did to them in 95, 8 points in 18 seconds to win a playoff game is remarkable. Not to mention he was one of the best pure shooters to ever play the game, he has to be my fav player of all time.

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Vince Carter

Vince Carter

I remember his smashes in the NBA all star game, and in the dunk contest. I liked him when he was in toronto, but then... I loved the monster jam on Fred Weis in the 2000 olympic final! This was a monster super jam!

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Vince Carter as well I know

Vince Carter as well

I know he's dropped off significantly, and never lived up to his potential, but I'll never forget how exciting this guy was. This guy is the reason I am a ball fanatic, he was amazing.

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J-Will. Extended the street

J-Will. Extended the street element of basketball to the NBA. That elbow pass just goes to show how original and innovative he was. Back when he was with the Kings, he made that team one of the most exciting teams I've seen play.

Honorable Mentions:

Allen Iverson

Penny Hardaway

Magic Johnson

Oscar Robertson

Pete Maravich

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Allen Iverson The influence

Allen Iverson

The influence he had on me was crazy. When he was in his prime I was in my younger teens, I wanted to be just like him from top to bottom. I worked on my crossover like no tomorrow. His influence on me was off the court as well. I grew my hair into cornrows because of him [that didnt last long though], I wanted tattoos just like him, hell, my MySpace name was "Money Bagz". He was just an amazing player to watch when he was a Sixer.

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Larry Johnson Loved his style

Larry Johnson

Loved his style during his Charlotte Hornets days. Explosive, powerful, athletic forward.

His Knicks days he lost his explosiveness, but loved his leadership, toughness, and clutch shots.

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Kobe Bean Bryant. I was 8

Kobe Bean Bryant. I was 8 when he was drafted. MJ had been my favorite up to that point as I had seen every championship he'd won but really only started understanding the game that year when he had come back. I remained a big fan of both, but I've just had far more time to watch Kobe from youth to prime to old age(inbball years). Most exciting as he's been the Pippen and the Jordaqn for his teams over the years.

other notable close all time favorites include






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Nuff said

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Wasn't born during his

Wasn't born during his playing days, but it has to be Dr. J. Unreal athleticism with te grace to match it, & the fro was killer too!

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Grant Hill

Grant Hill was mine. I remember he bursted into the scene and a nightly triple double threat, he was lebron before lebron, wtih grace and skills on and off the court.

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I'd go with Michael

I'd go with Michael Jordan.

He was a beast, plus just had that basketball personality that made you like him.

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Vince Carter. If he never

Vince Carter.

If he never played for the raptors I would never of gotten into basketball like I am now. In my mind he was the most exciting player of all time and thats why i loved watching him.

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I used to love Barkley back

I used to love Barkley back in the day. Also, I was a big Kevin Johnson/Jason Kidd fan when with the Suns.

Baron Davis was my favorite player during his Hornets/Warriors days - how he made it look so easy with his flashy style mixed with power/athleticism. He could have been much better than he was.

OJ Mayo has been a personal favorite of mine since HS. He's always been heavily scrutinized as overrated or selfish, but today he finds himself in a place where he has no freedom whatsoever. I'm still confident he can be a great player if given the chance.

Yao is also up there, because as a Rockets fan, he did so much for the franchise. He was truly unique/fantastic when on the court, but unfortunately that only lasted so long. He was hard not to root for, seeing what a high quality guy he was as well.

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Tim Duncan in his prime

Tim Duncan

in his prime watching him play especially in the post was Sublime experience, his effectiveness, versatility, elegance, the so many moves he had, and more and more, it's all just make you stay flabbergasted!!!

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For me Its a Tie between Dr.

For me Its a Tie between Dr. J and Magic Johnson...

I'm Lucky to at least have seen Doc play in his finals years in the league...Everyone Stood up, including members of the Opposing team,whenever he got the ball in transition...

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Reggie miller

Im a shooter so i always try to match my game to Reggie his story also helps .

Pete maravich is up there 40 ppg in college and his story of how he practices non stop

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besides D-Rob i always liked

besides D-Rob i always liked Shawn Kemp too...

he was really one of a kind...sort of an Amare but shorter so his dunks looked cooler...just a physical monster

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Alonzo Mourning, so intense,

Alonzo Mourning, so intense, so good defensively and a 20 PPG scorer as well during the greatest era's for centers ever. Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson and MJ were also among my favorite players to watch while I was growing up.

If Shaq hadn't left Orlando for LALA land he would probably be #1 on my list.

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