The Fate of The Nets...

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The Fate of The Nets...

First and Foremost, I am no major fan of the Nets, but when I look at their team, minus leadership prior to the start of the season, I see a team with a future. Issue is that future depends almost entirely on this off-season and maybe next year's.

What you know: You have an all-star point guard returning from an injured season, a Center who was arguably the third best in the league last year, a shooting guard small forward who has Andre Igoudala written all over him, solid players who need a leader like CDR(if he stays), Courtney Lee, Yi and Dooling. A crap load of cap space, an owner who will spend whatever, a new stadium in a big city in a year and a half, and a part owner every young star in the sport idolizes

What You Dont Know: Will Williams and Lopez keep developing, Will Harris be back to being the fastest guard in the league nobody knows about, and will a top tier free agent be able to look past that awful season, or is management gifted enough to get another starter/role player who will allow Lopez and Harris to develop into a wicked inside-outside or pick and roll tandem

What You Hope: Management is smart and economical, bringing in leadership and development gurus as well as solid veteran Leadership. This is a good draft, ccan they steal two or three rotation players and/or maybe even a star with one of their three top 31 picks???

My hope for the Nets is they know what they have and undertand what they need.

Best Case Scenario: Lebron leaves Cleveland (if and when they lose to the Celtics) and comes and leads them at the behest of Jay-Z, you get either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pick you grab Evan Turner, Wes Johnson, or Damarcus Cousins
Lineup: Harris, Williams, Lebron, Cousins, Lopez
Harris, Turner, Lebron, Yi, Lopez
Harris, williams, Lebron, YI, Lopez (johnson 6th man)

Alternate Scenario:No "Top" Free Agent Can See Themselves In New Jersey, or get locked up by NY, MIA, CHI, understandably, the Nets then pass on Rudy Gay, who gets a near Max deal from the Clippers, And Somehow David Lee Falls in their laps and wants to stay in the Northeast and stick it to the Knicks 4x a year, you get number 2 or 3 in the draft, take Turner or Johnson

Lineup:Harris, Williams, Turner, Lee, Lopez
Harris, Williams, Johnson, Lee, Lopez

Either way if the Nets are Smart their future is very bright, if they are dumb and disrupt this nucleus, the light can go very dim, very quickly.

Other(late) Picks:Terrico White or Lance Stephenson number 27; Stanley Robinson, Jarvis Varnado number 31

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