The Farm Club Mock Draft

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The Farm Club Mock Draft

I posted a mock that this site did back in December and it was pretty well done. Here is the updated one.

The top picks look the same as Aran's mock but there are a few surprises here and there.

I'm not so sure Isiah Austin leaves unless he is a lottery pick and I'm still unsure about the Kentucky freshmen.

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Decent mock

Decent mock, I like the in-depth explanations to go with every pick must have taken a lot of time to put together.

Alot of people are sleeping on Trey Burke, he's built at a very solid 190 but he could be in the realm of 195 and has a 6"5' wingspan. He may be small in terms of height however he uses that to his advantage when driving into the paint, it's like watching Tony Parker. Burke can also shoot as evidenced by his 39% 3pt and has a very impressive assist to turnover ratio, when looking at college prospects you look at their efficiency and Burke isn't wasteful despite a downturn in recent performances. Burke being undersized is a myth and if he falls as far as 13 he'll be a steal.

I will say that Wolters' height did irk Burke (rhymes ftw) but to be fair Trey caused Wolters issues with his quickness and his ability to break down his defender.

Not sure that the 23-year-old Plumlee will get selected at ten but it made sense in relation to your explanation. I could see Philly reaching for Gobert and stashing him or realistically looking at Cauley-Stein (If he declares) that is if they want a center. most likely, the 76ers will package their pick with a few pieces to either move up the board or land a borderline all-star, the 6ers need to make big moves in the summer to keep their playoff hopes alive.

If Saric slips that far, I'll be stunned. His contract situation may be a sticky subject but he had a strong showing in the Nike Hoop Summit and is apparently taking part in the event this April making it his third appearance and I fully expect him to be a leader for the Rest of the World. He's gotten stronger physically, his frame looks more refined and still has that outrageous talent to go along with a very passionate demeanour that has proven to be a fire-starter on both scales of the morality spectrum. Mark my words, barring injury or a fall out with his team, Saric won't make it past the Celtics at #19. My worry with Saric is whether or not he can handle the NBA mentally in addition to troubles of moving to a new country, he's so ball dominant that he may struggle to make an immediate impact in the early stages of his NBA career also Saric isn't much of a scorer and is a dire shot blocker for his size.

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See, I think Plumlee will be

See, I think Plumlee will be a late riser. He's going to be close to 7' 240 lbs tall with a 40'' vert. He's going to measure and test out about the same size as Derrick Favors and I think a team will draft him to be a PF/C combo, who is big and athletic enough to help protect the rim and thrown down dunks and easy buckets in the post. I think 8 -13 is his range.

He might end up being a 10/7 NBA player, but I think he'll wow people like his brother. If ol' Miles can go from a late 50's - undrafted pick to a 1st rounder after the combine, then Mason has a legit shot to break the top 10. I think a team will fall for him, whether it pans out or not.

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