Fantasy Keeper Advice

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Fantasy Keeper Advice

Im going out on a limb here to see if I can get some fantasy advice through this portion of the forum.

Here's my question.....Who do I keep out of these eligible players?

Javale Mcgee: He might be starting now. Koufas and George Karl are gone. Hickson landed in Denver and might be another split time role.

George Hill: Pretty standard point guard. Sometimes disappears. Shots and points might decrease this coming season with the return of a possibly healthy Granger

Nikola Pekovic: Very solid producer when Love is injured. Nothing spectacular when Love is healthy. An injury risk himself.

J.R. Smith: Was my choice going in to this coming season. Might be healthy starting the season coming off of knee surgery. Throw in a 5 game suspension for failing a drug test. Not to mention MWP landed in NY who could potentially steal time, shots from Smith.

Rosters in this league run deep with 15 scoring categories, so everything matters

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I'd keep Pekovic if you want

I'd keep Pekovic if you want to roll the dice on the injury game. He's statistically a monster, and on another level than the other players mentioned here. But, if you don't want to roll the dice then JR Smith would be the safer choice.

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