Face of Miami Heat

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Face of Miami Heat

Remember that talk when Lebron first came to Miami? People were saying he will never be the face of the Heat..., wade will be the derek jeter to lebron's arod... and all that stuff? i think by now it is pretty clear that on court wise, the miami heat are lebron's team. but what about off court wise? if you had to choose do you think wade is still the face of the franchise or do you think lebron is the new cover boy of the heat now that he led the Heat and wade on his back to an nba title? when i picture the heat i think of them both and its hard to choose one for me. i mean in Heat fan's eyes dwade was probably the greatest Miami Heat superstar ever for 7 years until Lebron came.

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True fans respect what Wade

True fans respect what Wade has done and continues to do for the Heat, while being able to understand that now this is Lebrons team. Without Wade there would be no James or Bosh in Miami.

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Norris Cole's team he is has

Norris Cole's team he is has won a title every year of his career

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One day we will all look back on this and remember the greatest Miami Heat player of all time

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

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i havent posted in a while

i havent posted in a while because i am upset that it wouldnt post my comments, until i learned that it would not take from firefox.

anyway on topic, i thought about this very hard.. i almost gave in to zydrunas but it came to an end.. it was juwan howard all along. . . .

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By far the greatest player on the planet, anyone who didn't think he would lead this team the minute after the decision was dumb.

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Cant it be both of their teams

Wade- the vocal leader the heart and soul

LeBron- the best player and on court leader

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