Fabulous Casino Has Officially Launched A Brand New Mobile Slot Game

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Fabulous Casino Has Officially Launched A Brand New Mobile Slot Game

Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street Valletta Malta, April 10, 2014- Fabulous Casino, a trusted online casino with over 250 mobile casino games available with 24 hour live dealers, has recently launched a brand new mobile slot game. The new game is called “Hitman.”

The new online slot game features eerie sounds, stunningly creepy graphics, four amazing bonus features and cold-blooded (fictional) murder.

It is surprising to see this title on the list of progressive casino games, because it originally started out as a series of violent video games before it turned into a motion picture starring Timothy Olyphant. Today, Hitman is available as an online slot game. This mobile slot game is great for an individual that is into suspends, action and fictional cold-blooded killing – Hitman is the online casino slot game that offers all of this in one package.

In the beginning of the game, players will meet the highly-skilled Agent47. As many already know, Agent47 if an efficient killer for hire. In the beginning, the player is told “He’ll get the job done. He always does. Nothing can stop him.”

The images are beautiful in a dark way. Hitman is always nesting in the shadows, with a sniper rifle, handguns, a syringe of poison, a wire for strangling people, the laptop he uses to receive his assignments, a knife and the Hitman insignia. The player will also see an envelope that is full of cash – after all, he doesn’t do the job for free. The background music really fits this game – it is low, foreboding and dark. In additional to all of this, some of the slot machine images expand into mini-videos during winning combinations.

Hitman is at the top of the list when it comes to live casino games, but those who are squeamish when it comes to fictionalized violence may choose to avoid the game. As for everyone else, the game has all they could home for in an online slot machine.

About Fabulous Casino

Fabulous Casino is an online mobile casino site ran by Progressplay LTD. They feature a wide array of online casino games with the latest one being Hitman. Hitman started out as a video game and is now a popular slot machine game. It is packed full of fictional violence and dark scenery.

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Company Contact : Andy Butler

Company Email: [email protected]

Company Phone : +66(0)800721121

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It is amazing to see this

It is amazing to see this headline on the list of modern gambling house activities, because it initially began out as a sequence of aggressive activities before it transformed into a film featuring Jimmy Olyphant. casino en ligne

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