The "experts" are saying LeBron to Miami

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The "experts" are saying LeBron to Miami

Anyone see sportscenter? JA Adande(sp) Jay bilas? are saying LeBron to Miami.

I guarantee all of you right now he is not going to Miami. I will be posting in this thread tomorrow when the experts fail

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Sportscenter has been

Sportscenter has been unwatchable for the last month due to all this free agency shenanigans. ESPN just hyping the monster trying to sell more ads

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What does it take to be an

What does it take to be an "expert", because I think I qualify for a job over there at ESPN :)

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cant make up their mind

saturday they said Nets
sunday Bulls
monday Cavs
tuesday Knicks
wednesday Heat

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Jay Bilas

I don't trust Jay Bilas... Especially when he was so confident back when he proclaimed Josh Smith in 2004 as the biggest bust in the draft... WOW.. I like what he observes in college hoops but he sometimes go way overboard...

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i was watching nbatv they said miami to
i really think hes commin to NY now
and espn experts suck
lebron want to win but he wan his own city
Miami is wade county
Chicago should be rose
NJ needs a star player (highly doubt he goes there)
NY needs one
Clev needs to keep him if they dont harrison barnes is theres
you need two stars and role players to win in the league
unless clevland can get a star player or close to one maybe al jefferson then lebron should stay
but not NYK baby we got one star and very solid role players

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New Jersey Slash Brooklyn

LeBron is going to New Jersey. Prokhorov wowed him, he knows Avery Johnson is a Poppovich-style winner, Brook Lopez is a good young center, Terrence Williams and Derrick Favors have been lighting up summer league, Devin Harris is good enough at the point for now, or to trade for better, and they still have enough to sign David Lee or two mid-level free agents. LeBron wants to hang with Jay-Z and Beyonce, make a billion bucks, be the King of Brooklyn, rack up titles, and be the savior of a franchise.

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Derrick Favors has NOT been

Derrick Favors has NOT been lighting up summer league.....

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80% of ppl on the internet

80% of ppl on the internet talk outta their ass, hoops maestro is one of the majority

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Chris Broussard just reported

Chris Broussard just reported that LeBron will sign with the Heat on ESPN. Whether this is actually true, I don't know, but Chris Broussard is considered to be in LeBron's "inner circle" or a friend of LeBron..

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Favors Summer League

Favors Summer League performance has been a bust Maestro (HIS SUMMER LEAGUE NOT HIM). In what way has he been lighting it up?Landry is gonna have a better Summer League than Favors.

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IF LeBron signs with Miami...

IF LeBron signs with Miami... EVERYBODY will pick Miami in NBA 2K11 online play lol.

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