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How do u think these following players will do this season

1) Joe Alexander

2) Donte Greene

3) T - Mac

4) Micheal Beasly

Just wondering what you think?

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Alexander- signs with San Antonio and thats all the action we hear from him

Greene- his coming out year amybe average 11 and 6

T-Mac- Knicks/Bulls/Magic/Heat/Bucks signs with one of them great year as a 6th man maybe 12 and 4 off the bench

Beasley- depends on where he plays but goes about 17 and 7 stays out of the headlines I see him with the Bulls/Hornets/Bobcats/Warriors/Heat one of them

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1) Joe Alexander - Goes to a

1) Joe Alexander - Goes to a team that gives him some time and plays a run and gun type offense. Might get something like 6 and 4 in about 15 minutes, playing a similar role that Amundson plays with Phoenix. Realizes that from this point on he will have to play some tough D.

2) Donte Greene - 10 and 5 if he stays in Sac. He could get a lot more, but his teammates will be getting lots of his shots (Evans, Casspi, Thompson, Hawes, Cousins??? Udrih, Landry). There are not the shots to go around. He already shoots a reasonable % for a perimeter player, which would not go up too much, unless he starts playing down low more.

If he gets traded to a team that wants a SF you could see him put up 15 and 6. Same thing if Sac trades away some of his competition. If the team gets a true distributor at pg his numbers could also go up. As it stands he is not getting a whole lot more than he currently gets.

3) T - Mac - Like Tha King said, he'll probably be coming off the bench somewhere, maybe with spot starting duties. Will probably get around 13, 4, and 4 for a good team. In this type of duty he should stay healthy longer. In the event the starter at his position gets injured, you could see him pull a 17, 6, 5 season.

4) Beasley - Will probably be traded to a team in a sign and trade for Wade's running mate. That leaves Toronto, Phoenix, Utah (he'd be worked over by Sloan). For each of the teams, I can see the following,

- Toronto (20, 9, lots of PT at both forward positions. Will get it in his head that he can be "the guy here").
- Phoenix (22, 9, Will be playing in a generous offense where there are a lot of rebounds to be had. Nash wil pad his stats, and Frye and Lopez will not take his shots from him, and aforce him to play inside the 3, where he should be playing)
- Utah ... Ha ha this could go two ways 1) he Takes a yessir approach to Sloan's coaching and he gets 20, 8 - fewer rebounds to go around, because the Jazz could easily take a rebounding center, or 2) He gets benched for a while not getting many minutes and has a 12, 5 season. I think he will step up.

All these options involve good distributing pgs, so he should do pretty well. He will also be the tip of the spear when it comes to non pg scoring.

If he stays, he will not get much more. Miami could easily get Stat, Bosh or Booze, and with Wade there will not be many shots to go around. This should not happen, and he will probably get traded.

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