Eveybody has a: I always liked him before anybody else did comment.

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Eveybody has a: I always liked him before anybody else did comment.

But who is a player that you hated first or you thought ruined your team or your teams future just being by being on your team?

Mine would have to be a toss-up between Christian Laettner and J.R. Rider... obviously I'm a long suffering Wolves fan.

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Robert Swift/Saer Sene/Johan

Robert Swift/Saer Sene/Johan Petro - just garbage players

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Eddie Robinson- that contract... come on
Marcus Fizer- didn't like him in college, didn't like him in the NBA
Tyson Chandler- He is a very good player, but we gave up Elton Brand fresh off of ROY season for him

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As a Warriors fan, there are

As a Warriors fan, there are quite a few.

Drafting Ekpe Udoh over Greg Monroe

Drafting Adonal Foyle then the very next pick was Tracy McGrady.

Andres Biedris and his current contract.

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Magic- Chris Duhon ughhhhhhh

Magic- Chris Duhon


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Al-Farouq Aminu. I hated that

Al-Farouq Aminu. I hated that the Clippers drafted him, and so did everyone on the Clippers forum over at realgm. He always seemed to be more of a power forward then a SF, and I still will never understand why we drafted him. We were all basically begging for the Clippers to draft George, he seemed like such a nice fit for us back then. A SF we desperately needed who was long and athletic. Not to mention the fact in his interviews he said he was a Clipper fan growing up (he grew up in LA area) and said he wanted to play for us. But to be honest we probably would have included him in the deal for CP3 (replacing Aminu's spot).

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I hated the signing of

I hated the signing of Delonte West by the Celtics, I knew he was inconsistent, not a winner and every time he was in the game I would be cringing, even if he did have some decent games for us, I could never shake that impression.

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If were talking about

If were talking about signings, Shandon Anderson and Howard Eisley for the Knicks.

If we're talking about drafts, Landry Fields (first year he made me a believer, but quickly drew the ire of Knicks fans by not doing anything well except rebound), and Renaldo Balkman, drafted right before Rajon Rando.........

I actually hoped Michael Sweetney would amount to something... besides a 300+lbs slob.

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Rajon Rondo- I remember when

Rajon Rondo- I remember when he KILLED Louisville at Rupp Arena his Sophomore year and he also had a couple of other strong games that year and I always knew he'd end up being a great PG.

Jeff Teague- The way he dominated college ball his Sophomore year at Wake I knew he'd be good as well.

Lebron James- seems like an obvious choice, but he still had doubters when he first came in the L, and at one point everybody was Melo fans instead of Lebron, but I knew he'd be the best in the NBA sooner than later.

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Sixers with Elton Brand. The

Sixers with Elton Brand. The guy was coming off of big injury issues and they gave him a max deal. No surprise they amnestied him last off season. The only thing that did surprise me is how hard he played as a Sixer and despite being over matched physically almost every night he got the job done. I actually gained some respect for a Duke player when he was in Philly but it was the typical Sixer move of getting an aging star...see Chris Webber and Glenn Robinson....They had to amnesty him because of his contract but the Sixers are really missing his effort and consistent front court scoring this year.

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Jerome James for the

Jerome James for the Knicks.... Need i say more?

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Ian Mahinmi, except he's

Ian Mahinmi, except he's playing well so I'm not very good at this

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Brandon Rush, loved him out

Brandon Rush, loved him out of Kansas, thought he'd be a 18 ppg scorer, but he's still a very valuable role player and guy who can stretch the floor, but I hope he cn come back healthy from his ACL injury.

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