Evan Turner/76ers

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Evan Turner/76ers

Obviously the 76ers are going to have a terrible year and I am completely fine with that as I am a sixers fan and am extremely excited for this up coming stacked 2014 draft class. I was just wondering what yall think if the sixers would trade Evan Turner this season who they could get for him? another draft pick or good young players?

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Evan the Terrible

I'd actually like to know his value around the NBA. He's a huge crybaby, seriously bordering on unbearable with his complaining to refs.

He's an enigma to me. He gets to where he wants offensively it seems, and he is good at drawing contact, yet i think he doesn't get calls because he complains to refs too much. He misses mad layups because he tries to draw contact instead on trying to make the shot(he tries to draw excessive contact). Also his shot is simply broken. Herb Mcgee or no, Ray Allen could manufacture a brace that mimics his textbook shot form and Turners wonky shot would destroy it. His shot looks like a bad geometry lesson, elbows seemingly at random angles, really isn't pretty.

I honestly think that this guy needs veteran tutelage. Im sure that it doesn't even have to be from a wing player so much as it should be from a pure motivator(think KG(fat chance), or Juwan Howard or Kurt Thomas, etc.) I'm honestly surprised that Aaron McKie hasn't whipped him into shape, though I don't really know if they work THAT closely.I think defensively if he has the motivation he could be a good defender without much effort. However his offense is tough to watch, and if he isn't getting the ball or his shot isn't falling, or he isn't getting calls(see where i'm going?) he visibly sulks on the court. And when he sulks, his defense...Well, Steve Nash is a sieve...This guy? Straight into the glass + the chaser.

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