Evan Turner

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Evan Turner

Putting up big numbers these first couple of games. Ive been unable to catch the games, but for those of you who have, has he come into his own or is he just putting up numbers because he's on a bad team? If the former, two questions:

Does Philly hold onto him incase they miss out on Wiggins, or trade him while his value is high?

Who would you rather pursue, Turner or Heyward?

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Won again. What a game. It's good to see them playing hard despite people kept saying that theyre tanking

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Well if he continues to play

Well if he continues to play this well his stock will be high and I would assume the Sixers would try to get a good 1st for him

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Yea, Turner has been great.

Yea, Turner has been great. If he can keep up this level of play he will be getting a lot of money this summer. Even if Turner could not keep up this good of a level, I would still take him over Hayward.

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The first game he had a dunk

The first game he had a dunk on LeBron and I was stunned because he never does anything like that. He has enough trouble making it all the way to the basket. He has size, ball handling ability and good instincts so if his jumpshot starts falling he will be dangerous. He always showed flashes every now and again but maybe this finally is his breakthrough year.

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Evan scores a lot on his

Evan scores a lot on his hustle plays. His motor is non-stop. I'm not sure how long Philly can ride this hot streak considering their bench consists of NBDL guys...But having watched both games, Evan is the hardest worker on both ends of the floor, and his versatility provides a huge matchup problem for opposing teams

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Turner has gotten better

Turner has gotten better every year, and works as hard as any one in the off season and always seems to be working with some of the most renown trainers in basketball. Turner has overhauled his shot mechanics and physical conditioning since joining the league as an already polished college jr. That speaks volumes for Turners desire to be great. So while it took some time to put it all together the results ard starting to speak for themselves.

I started to get excited again for Turner this summer when I saw highlights from a summer tourny and sudxenly turn caught and alley oop then proceeded to 360 before dunking. Turner was jacked and tonex and looked noticeably quicker. With the ball in his hands he had that OSU swagver ba k when he knew nobody could guard him. In the preseason it was still there and he was also finishing well in traffic again. But jusg as important he was drawing fouls again at a high clip.

This is the Evan Turner that went 2nd overall in the draft. I find it funny when people say that Turner doesnt cit the statcentric Hinkie model because the year Turner declared he was putting up ridiculous stats. He ..had a Lebron like PER over 30 that year so you would think Hinkie would of loved Turner that year. Turner was drafted into the worse scenario because Iggy did all of the same things at an all star level already and combined with his struggles shooting, the slow disciplined offense, Clllins bromance with Jlxie Meeks and limited minutes and it was just a terrible fit that somehow got worse. And last year was just strange all around.

Turners always been better with the ball in his hands but hes gotten better at finding the corner 3 and cutting backdoor or off give and goes. Turner and Hawes have developed really good chemistry and this is asthere 4th year playing together and this uptempo attack really suites there game better then any system they were in before together. Turner can be a 20ppg scorer if his 3 ball starts fallin.

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Thad deserves a lot of credit

Thad deserves a lot of credit as well. He does the things that don't show up in the box score. Great defender.

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Not only has be gotten

Not only has be gotten better, but he's finally the primary ball-handler when he's in the game.

He's no longer playing with Iggy or Holiday. Now I'm not saying he's going to continue to average 24-5-4 for the rest of the season, but we should finally see his potential in this year. He's 25, reaching his prime, and in a contract year. This is Evan Turner's time.

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Evan had another 20 point

Evan had another 20 point game tonight against the Bulls. I've always been a big fan of his even when he was perhaps left on the bench too long under Doug Collins and his development seemed to be a bit slow considering he was one of the older guys in his draft year.

This season is hugely important for Evan as he is in contract year and already being 25, this will e an important contract for him as he'll be pushing 30 when his next extension would come up. If the Sixers are looking to try to move Evan then I think they my have made a mistake in not giving him an extension. Would a team give up a lot to get a guy who is a very good player but not a legit star if he could walk away under FA rules, sure they could offer him the best deal and also without a deal in place would any team give up a good 2014 draft pick for him.

Personally I think that Philly should have offered Turner about $32 to $35 million over 4 years, that might have been below market value but Evan and his representatives have turned down that sort of guaranteed money which would have taken him up to 29 years old.

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