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Evan Turner

Evan Turner is a Beast! But what position do you think he will be the biggest impact, PG, SG, SF? It will obviously be what that team needs. T-Wolves need a 2 guard, Sixers dont need a guard but will play the 2 most likely if there. I think he could make a very solid PG. He has a PG's ball handling, and passing. He is a bit slower than a typical PG, but his quick feet, hands, and basketball I.Q. make up for it. He is a great rebounder for a guard pulling down almost 7 a game. And he is about 4-5 inches taller than a typical PG. He will also make an excellent 2 guard with typical size, speed, slashing ability, just lacks a consistent shot but he is close to that. And at SF, i just dont think he'll play that very often.

What do you guys think?

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