Evan Fournier

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Evan Fournier

Damn, he's really come on strong over the last few weeks.

In the 4 games that he has played over 20 minutes (all within the last month) he has put up 19 points and 2 steals in 21 minutes against Brooklyn, 18 points and 3 steals in 21 mins vs Utah, 17 points and 3 steals in 24 mins against Houston and 24 points and 3 steals in a career high 35 minutes tonight against Portland.

I knew next to nothing about him before last year's draft but he is playing like he could be a full time starter down the road and one of the nicest surprises of the class of 2012.

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He is providing the outside

He is providing the outside shooting that the Nuggets has lacked, and making this team even deeper. They have decisions to make for the future and should consolidate some of the talent into a super star or two. This team is extremely deep that they will still have depth.

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It's hard making an impact

It's hard making an impact right away as a rookie if you're playing for George Karl. Kenneth Faried didn't even play much at all the first half of his rookie season. George Karl is the type of coach who prefers to have his younger guys learn from watching rather than getting action on the court. It just sometimes depends on what team you end up on for how early you'll make an impact.

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I remember watching him here

I remember watching him here in france last year, when he was playing for Poitiers. He was already very performing against proven professional. But I'm still very surprised of what he has done for the last month.

I knew he had a great feel for the game and great bball IQ but I didn't expect him to be effective before his second or even his third year. He got his chance and took it. Happy for him.

Fournier is a determinate kid and it gives us another example of what we have to do in the draft process to evaluate a prospect. We really should forget about the buzz around high school kids, and give more credit to mental tools (determination, love for the game, IQ...).

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