is european baller a real person?

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is european baller a real person?

I have never laughed out loud as much as reading some of his posts. he doesn't deserve negative points he deserves major positive points because I have a feeling he was put on this site as a joke, a very well played one too, I cannot believe ANYONE would be that dumb in real life on purpose and I don't think an accident like that keeps occurring. its a great gag but I would LOVE to know whose behind it. some of his posts are funnier than any comedian I have ever heard so it cant be an accident. I would just love to know whose behind this great gag.

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Its not a gag........ He puts

Its not a gag........ He puts way too much time and effort into each post for it to be a joke. The dude is just insane, but he is easily the funnest person to mess with on here.

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At first I thought it was an

At first I thought it was an act as well but then I realized this guy is serious after getting to know other Greek people. The whole "racist against Greeks" is a common idea shared amongst quite a few Greeks. Many of them really do believe that the world has some racist agenda against them. It's a really strange and unexplainable that the world would single out some fly speck on the Aegean, but many Greeks truely do believe that the world is trying to sabotage their country. Weird

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