From Europe to NBA?

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From Europe to NBA?

Nikola Mirotic
Alessandro Gentile
Bryant Dunston
Gio Printezis


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I really liked Dunston when

I really liked Dunston when he played at Fordham. Apparently he was close to signing with the Nets last summer.

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I totally read the second

I totally read the second name wrong haha

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Mirotic will be a really

Mirotic will be a really solid bench player if he comes over. He is definitely the most talented has a great work ethic and a great size.

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Joe Ragland- It is hard to

Joe Ragland- It is hard to see what more he can do to get a look. He had a marvelous rookie season in the ACB, and then loaned to Cantu for the Italian Lega A playoffs where he has been even better.

Game 7 of the quarterfinals is today.

Randy Culpepper-He is still an athletic scoring machine. There isn’t a long list of guys who have put up 50 points in a top domestic European league’s playoffs. Culpepper did so last week.

Jonathan Gibson- He has had a few years of big scoring outputs, and had a strong summer league last year with Boston.

Sasha Vujacic-The midseason drama over whether Efes would let him out of his contract leads me to believe Sasha Vu will back in the NBA this summer.

Chamberlain Oguchi-A good Olympic showing and season in Russia might get him a look from a team wanting to add a cheap three point shooter.

Dwight Buycks- He was overshadowed by Butler and DJO at Marquette, but he was really good there. He was really good in the NBDL and summer league, and this year was ProA MVP in France.

Andres Nocioni-The Spurs wanted him after they dumped Stephen Jackson, and they might be back on the market for cheap capable bodies with Ginobili, Splitter, Blair, Neal, Mills, and McGrady coming up as free agents.

Eli Holman- He went undrafted in 2012, and never got a shot to get on the floor with Houston’s summer league team. He has had a good enough year in Israel, and in a year with a relatively weak frontcourt crop should merit a summer league look.

Gasper Vidmar- The late developing Turkish big man had a breakout year. He is not that skilled, but size is always at a premium and there is not a ton of it coming into the league through the traditional route this year.

Sean May-If people look closely at some of the younger prospects in France, it would be impossible to miss the season he had. He is still a big guy, but not as big as he was a couple years ago when he could not get on the floor.

Troy Gillenwater-Leaving New Mexico State early might not have been the fastest road to the NBA for him, but he is still long, athletic, and coming off a good season in Russia. Have I mentioned the frontcourt draft class?

Sam Muldrow-He left South Carolina as a shot blocker without a lot else, but in addition to 12.7 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks in the Ukriane, he made 17-50 three pointers. I would like to see him in the summer league.

Aleks Maric, Drew Gordon, and Gani Lawal- One more time, do I have to read the list of frontcourt players in this draft class?

Frank Hassell-Worker bee. The guy is easy to cheer for, and probably could be some team’s Reggie Evans if they want him. He is a rebounding wonder who has been able to clean the glass and pick up the garbage at Old Dominion, the NBDL, last year’s summer league, and this year in Israel and the Eurochallenge.

Salah Mejri- Slowly but surely, he worked his way up the European club latter. After a nice Olympics and season in the Spanish ACB, it seems about the time for an NBA team to give him a shot.

Guy-Marc Michel- I felt bad that the NCAA mistreated him. He never got the chance to play at Indiana. I hope a team invites him to the summer league. He is not that good, but is a legitimately big kid with length and reasonable bulk. I’ll certainly give him credit for not breaking with Sofo was banging into him. In the Greece A1, he averaged 8.3 points (on 63.4 percent from the field and 48.5 percent from the line), 6 rebounds, 1.4 blocks, .9 turnovers, and 2.5 fouls in 21.9 minutes.

Alen Omic- Omic was an undrafted early entrant from last year. After Aron Baynes left to sign with the Spurs, he started to put together quite a few stat lines. In the 9 Adriatic League games after Baynes left, he averaged 12.7 points (on 67.6 percent from the field and 71 percent from the line), 7.8 rebounds, 1.4 blocks, 1.2 turnovers, and 2.7 fouls in 27.4 minutes. He is anywhere from 7' 0" to 7' 2" depending on which league site, just turned 21 this month, and still as skinny as the supposed centers in this draft. He is a name worth remembering if not for this summer than in the coming years.

Ricky Hickman- Hickman signed a two year deal with Maccabi last year, and I do not know if he has an NBA out. He was a small school guard, UNC-Greensboro, who worked his way up the European club latter, and made it to the Euroleague this year. I think a team would want to take a look at a 6’ 3” guard who was one of the most efficient guards in the Euroleague: 13.5 points, 44.8 percent from the field, 35.6 percent from 3, and 3.1 assists to 2 turnovers, but maybe they have to wait another year.

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Other than Hickman and maybe

Other than Hickman and maybe Mejri, almost every player you listed is borderline scrub or scrub by Euroleague standards.

Nocioni isn't, but he is too old now, so he plays absolutely zero defense in an entire season. He can't guard anyone now.

There are some decent prospects in there like Omic, but literally you just listed a bunch of guys that are one of literally hundreds upon hundreds of similar players in Europe.

Hickman is the only guy there that is even a good player to be honest. Mejri has lots of talent, but he is still a project.

There are literally hundreds of players in Europe as good or better than most of the guys you named there.

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Really good

Vidmar, Mejiri, Michel and Omic are some of the big men I follow closely, they could certainly interest some teams for summer league, and then, who knows what..

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Nikola Mirotic has the most

Nikola Mirotic has the most upside out of the players listed. He is stuck in his contract right now but will have an opportunity to come to the NBA in 2015-16. Bojan Bogdanovic will likely be on the Nets next year and he can shoot lights out. I don't think he will be in the starting lineup but he will contribute 10-15mpg.

I was looking forward to Sergio Llull and Fran Vazquez but based on their contract situations they will probably never play in the NBA which is unfortunate because they would be solid contributors.

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Gasper Vidmar is Slovenian,

Gasper Vidmar is Slovenian, not Turkish player

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There is a report that the Thunder have some interest in Ragland.

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Randy Culpepper is someone I

Randy Culpepper is someone I would LOVE to see on an NBA roster, and its been that way since 2011. He would be a crowd favorite.

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