ESPN rates

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ESPN rates

Eric Bledsoe 63rd best player in the NBA. Huge Bledsoe fan here but thats a little too high.

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We'll find out how good he is

We'll find out how good he is this season when he's the best or 2nd best player on the team.

Wow the Suns are bad.

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Suns are so bad that Miles

Suns are so bad that Miles Plumlee is impressing everyone in camp. So even if Bledsoe does put up decent numbers it will be for a bottom 5 team. Mind you I am a Suns fan.

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Time will tell...he's an

Time will tell...he's an amazing guard off the bench in limited minutes, if he can keep the same production rate up with the much upgraded role he could be a beast.

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He has stepped up his game A

He has stepped up his game A LOT since he's came to the pro's completely different player and very skilled I think 63 is a very reasonable ranking might actually be a little too low for him.

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