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Can you guys please post this.

Wizards eye Hughes, Jeffries

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u can find

the details of that on hoopsworld and hoopshype

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I made a post about it. It

I made a post about it. It hardly says anything.

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No more insider posts

The site is deleting most of those, they must have heard from ESPN (or are wanting to avoid that call).

They deleted my last one - so, sorry no more insider posts from me; I don't really want to get in trouble with either this site or ESPN (or get this site in trouble with ESPN either).

Sorry about that. I figured ESPN had enough money and wanted to share the wealth - but the situation has changed, so I'm done.

ESPN = Ex Sports People Now (selling out)
(Not 100% true, but true enough)

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I agree. I don't even

I agree. I don't even bother going to ESPN anymore for draft coverage. 80% of the articles, and 98% of the GOOD articles are "Insider Only". They can suck my DJ Mbenga if they think I am going to pay for their "expert's" opinions. The way the internet works any "inside" information gets circulated through 100 other sites anyway. Like the forum topic question, I saw it first on HoopsHype when I was looking up team salaries. What a joke.

Unless anyone who has "ESPN Insider" thinks I am misinformed. When the NFL and NBA drafts roll around I do get a bit rabid for as much insight as possible. If I am undervaluing the "ESPN Insider" content, please let me know. I don't think that I have seen anything that I should pay $1.00 for, let alone the $3.33 a month ($40.00/year) or $6.95/month. Anyone disagree?

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ESPN has all the money in

ESPN has all the money in the world and has become so greedy that they charge you to see a mock draft and some rumors. They make up most of the rumors on Sportscenter just to start conversations on among fans and sportcasters, fattening their pockets in the process. A good example is when ESPN reported LSU's Les Miles had agreed to take the head coaching job in Michigan. Miles held a press conference almost immediately saying that wasn't true. I'm pretty sure Miles is still LSU and Michigan hired someone else. Where do get their sources? There are plenty of other examples but I don't have time to list them all. I wouldn't give them a penny for their bulls**t Insider.

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