Eric Maynor

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Eric Maynor

He is slated to go #21 I think he could go a little higher maybe #19. Good fit for Atlanta.

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Prefer him to come to Dallas under Kidd he would improve instead of being put on the fire like Acie Law was and he would probably do the same thing Law has done for Atlanta so its a waste of a pick unless Atlanta resigns Bibby to train him.

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He will only be with ATL

if Bibby is resigned because I don't think they'd want to rush another PG like Law was without a solid Starter there for him to learn from. Although I'm not completely sure. This site has him going to N.O? wow.

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I think Maynor is another Acie Law..I dont like him at all. He wont be good in the NBA

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I think that Maynor will be a good NBA player! Maynor is not like Acie Law at all he is better than Law in most areas! If u put Maynor on any big school roster and that team prolly would have went further in the tournament. This guy is the real deal! Trust Me!

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Maynor's Rep

Maynor is noted for doing everything good, but nothing great. Is that not what you want in a table setter? Someone who will step up when needed, but be content at being everybody's role player. If the Hawks make their pick at #19, I hope Maynor is near the top of their list.

Oh, and your 2009 Acie Law comparison: Jeff Teague!

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