Eric Gordon trade ideas

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Eric Gordon trade ideas

With the signing of Tyreke Evans, the New Orleans Pelicans still have needs at the 3 and 5.

As a Pelicans fan I would like nothing more than trade Eric Gordon for these assets.

This thread is where we could compile a list of trade scenarios including Eric Gordon.

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Gordon for Granger? I mean, stuff would have to be thrown in to make salaries match, but this could benefit both teams

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eric Gordon for Wilson

eric Gordon for Wilson chandler and mozgov(sign and trade) of the nuggets.

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As a pelicans fan, all the

As a pelicans fan, all the dell demps praise stops for me at the signing of eg. Although I love the Jrue and Tyreke moves, the Eric contract is crippling. albeit he is talented, but you don't pay eg that money even if he is healthy and motivated. He didn't wanna be on the squad when he was a free agent or when the talent was sub par but now he is "all in". I'd be happy with 20 cents on the dollar for him honestly.

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Gordon for Granger trade is a GREAT idea trade that's tailor made for both teams....needs to happen IMMEDIATELY

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ESPNs pre season players

ESPNs pre season players rankings had EG at 38 and Granger at 39 so considering each team had a need at those positions it looks to be a fair trade.
Wouldn't both teams be concerned about the injuries. EG missed a season and a half and Granger a full season too. I reckon there might be more out there right this moment for EG just because he played some last season.

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A trade that has been

A trade that has been floating around since the Rockets got Howard (until he changes his mind) was Omer Asik for Ryan Anderson.

Salaries match, N.O. gets a defensive big and double-double banger to pair with Anthony Davis, who is more of the finesse guy.

The Rockets get Anderson at the 4 to plug a hole as well as spread the floor for Howard/Harden.

I think that trade would make the Pelicans serious playoff contenders, which is something they obviously want (acquiring Holiday/Evans).

With the 5 locked up, they can look to trade Gordon for a SF and plug all of their holes.

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