Eric Bledsoe IS a top 5 PG, Max contract player

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Eric Bledsoe IS a top 5 PG, Max contract player

Just dropped another near triple double with 24,8,8 and 3 steals.

Where were the suns last year without him, and now look at their turnaround with him.!!

I would put him in the same category right now of the top 5 guys like cp3, kyrie, westbrook,curry,parker.

I wouldnt even hesitate to take him ahead of Wall as well.

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JW: 19.5 ppg, 9.3 apg, 4.3

JW: 19.5 ppg, 9.3 apg, 4.3 rpg, 2.1 spg, 41% fg, 20.14 PER

EB: 19.5 ppg, 6.4 apg, 4.3 rpg, 1.8 spg, 49% fg, 22.21 PER

Statistically they have similar values, Bledsoe is more efficient, but Wall is a better distributor

Bledsoe is definitely a max contract type guy, I agree...And probably tied for the 6th best PG in the NBA with Wall (behind the 5 you listed above)

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That Kentucky team had John

That Kentucky team had John Wall, Eric Bledsoe AND DeMarcus Cousins along with Patrick Patterson. How did they not go to the Final Four?

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Kentucy didn't make it because Bledsoe and Wall decided they wanted to be 3 point shooters for an entire game. I still remember screaming at my roommates TV because Cousins never touched the ball that game!

As a team, they shot some god awful 3 point %.

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I had to jump in. Kentucky didn't want to shoot 3's , West Virginia forced them to shoot 3's by packing it in the paint.

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Bledsoe will get the "mini

Bledsoe will get the "mini max" contract, but I'm not sure why he would get all the credit for Phoenix's success. Dragic's been a unbelievable with Bledsoe, the supporting cast is solid, and Jeff Hornacek has been far and away a better coach than another ex-NBA player turned first-year coach like Jason Kidd.

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Dragic is having just as good

Dragic is having just as good of a year as Bledsoe is. He should get paid in the offseason as well.



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the uk game

huge uk fan and that game was a disaster was yellin the same thing as chewy about how dmc was touching the ball and wall who couldnt shoot a lick back then wouldnt stop chuckin 3s as for the mention on bledsoe i wouldnt be suprised if someone maxes him out i perosnally woudlnt max him id give him the before mentioned mini max

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forgot the wasnt lol

dmc wasnt touching the ball still makes me mad thinking about it

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Lol no way he is top 5. Hes a

Lol no way he is top 5. Hes a good and intriguing player, but the pg position is so deep in the NBA, so I would say hes more of a top 10 pg.. And I still think he is a borderline max player. I could see him getting a deal like Holiday did (something like 4 years, 40-45 million).

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The beauty of it is Phoenix

The beauty of it is Phoenix can match a max offer on him since Dragic is on such a bargain contract. We're going to be seeing their backcourt tear it up for a long time. They just need one consistent big that can do some damage inside. I think their going to package Len and some of their picks for a big that's going to help them right now. Their almost ready to contend.

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