Eric Bledsoe to return this season

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Eric Bledsoe to return this season

Its his contract year, guess he really had no choice.

He's getting the miniscus removed altogether, which they say long term it affects you because you dont have the same type of mobility you once had, D wade regretted getting his fully removed.

But Bledsoe isnt the type of guy that will be in the NBA at age 35 so I guess it works out for him.

Expected back in 6-8 weeks.


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Bad move in my opinion. I

Bad move in my opinion. I feel like he already earned his contract without needing to come back.

I hope he doesn't live to regret it.

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I feel the same way. There is

I feel the same way. There is more risk in coming back and not putting up the same numbers than sitting out and people paying him over a great stretch over a small sample size.

He would be better of sitting out and getting that near max deal someone will definitely offer him.

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He is going to regret this

He is going to regret this surgery. He is basketball player a gifted athlete at that not a guy with an average job. This will burn out his knees given the type of player he is. The people around him or the Suns need to smack him in the face and ask him whats more important. Youre life well being and long term carreer or coming back this year?

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Current medical treatment is

Current medical treatment is only removing a small part of the miniscus anyway (in Europe anyhow), so that's different than for D Wade. I agree with omphalos, he earned his money. I think more than a handfull of teams are willing to offer him the max.

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Alot of people are on the

Alot of people are on the fence obviously about if Bledsoe earned his money or not.

Sone feel he has, but some feel he hasnt because he hasnt played a full season yet, on top of possibly being injury prone. Many may have forgot the this is Bledsoe's 2nd time tearing his miniscus since he has been in the NBA.

I feel Bledsoe had proven himself, but obviously Bledsoe or someone in his camp doesn't feel he did because no way would you take this type of risk if you knew for sure you were getting that big contract.

Time wil only tell.

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