Eric Bledsoe to the Lakers???

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Eric Bledsoe to the Lakers???

In my opinion they're is a reason why Phoenix went after another pg again in this draft! They already have four now on this roster after picking Tyler ennis who I like a lil! U have dragic who worked we'll wit Bledsoe and also have ish smith! So why grab another? Ur that high on ennis!??? We'll now this goes to Bledsoe who is a restricted free agent and obviously teams are going to throw money at and good money at that! I jus think Phoenix did this with the idea of letting him walk now because dragic is under contract! So that leaves my lakers who have always been high on Bledsoe and have attempted to trade for him before ! So I think he would make a great fit for la! Him kobe maybe Ariza or melo and randle and re sign pau to 2 yr 15-18 mill! That's a squad even if it's Ariza over melo! To me that's a significant upgrade and with Bledsoe and melo that's a top 5 team in west! What u guys think ? Pg -Bledsoe sg -Kobe sf-melo or Ariza pf-j randle c-pau then you got a high energy youthful with bench clarkson farmar Meeks Xavier Henry Wes Johnson Kent bazemore Ryan Kelly sacre that to me is a playoff team even with Ariza or melo and if u wanna save money and jus Pay Bledsoe then we can play wes Johnson or bazemore at 3 and bench would still be good with farmar Meeks Xavier and kelly

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