Eric Bledsoe to Kentucky
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Eric Bledsoe to Kentucky

Looks like Bledsoe is going to choose Kentucky. How do you guys feel about this?
It's a great pick up for Coach Cal, this team will be so much better with a true point guard. It'll be interesting to see if they will still get Wall or whether he will go elsewhere. This could have a pretty big ripple effect if Wall takes Kentucky off of his list.

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bye UK

I doubt Wall will come to UK now more than likely he is leaning towards Duke and am not just saying that because am a duke fan. Duke makes more sense than any other team on his list.

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Duke has no shot

Duke has no shot at landing wall. Wall will land in either N.C. State or Miami unless he put his name in the draft.

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I am hearing Miami and NCSU

I am hearing Miami and NCSU are bigger players in this than most people think for Wall. It will be interesting to see what UNC and Duke do as more details of Wall's citation come out. If it was truly serious, I would think that those two schools would quit pursuing him.

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I'm really not surprised

I'm really not surprised about this...I've predicted this weeks ago:

Kentucky: Bledsoe/Cousins
Kansas: Henry
Duke: Wall

All three teams get a piece of action...two in particular become instant title contenders.

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Wall still to UK

"This is the first head-to-head recruiting battle between new Memphis coach Josh Pastner and former Memphis coach John Calipari, who has apparently convinced Bledsoe to sign with Kentucky despite also recruiting John Wall, the nation's No. 1 prep point guard. Wall is still expected to choose Kentucky regardless of the Bledsoe decision."

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Am I missing something?

I keep hearing people say that Wall might throw his name into the Draft. The deadline has passed, can he still enter, through some loophole?

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