Eric Bledsoe

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Eric Bledsoe

So i have heard multiple people say since the draft that Eric Bledsoe will be a huge bust and that he should have stayed at Kentucky for a year or more. Which i do think he should have stayed another year but i think he can be a solid, efficient NBA point guard. He has solid outside shooting, good ball handling, good on-ball defense, and a good passer. I think he could be the future starting guard in LAC.

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he has looked super

he has looked super impressive replacing davis considering he is a 20 year old point guard, that came out after his freshman year in college. not to mention he played off the ball in college next to wall.

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Bledsoe is the real deal I

Bledsoe is the real deal I was surprised he still went to Kentucky after Wall committed. I thought he would be a Kyle Lowry like player in the league and I still think that. Although Bledsoe has the chance to develop into a legitimate starter.

Maalik Waynes is still better.

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i think he's a bit more

i think he's a bit more offensive minded than lowry..but i bet the clippers would be super excited if he played that pitbull defense like lowry does...

playing off the ball helped his game...

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I think Bledsoe definitely

I think Bledsoe definitely made the right move coming out. There are still questions about whether hes a true point guard and by playing with John Wall he was able to mask his weaknesses and because the team was winning his stock continued to climb. It was too big of a risk going back and moving from the 2 on a loaded squad to having to lead a very young team this year without Wall. I like his game a lot though. I dont think he will ever be any team's long term answer at point guard, but he'll have a good career.

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Staying in college

Staying in college was the smart thing to do but that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do and this situation is a good example, i'll admit, he jumped the gun a bit too early and i thought we'd have to wait a couple of seasons until he was fully ready to be getting solid minutes. I didn't think he'd be a bust but it was a risk to enter the draft when he didn't prove much in college but neither did Westbrook and look at him. I'm happy he's proving myself and the doubters wrong.

I've been very impressed with him, he looks like the Clippers' future PG so far.

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He's Worth it

Bledsoe really didnt make a mistake by coming out his team this year wasn't gonna be as good as last year and his stock would have dropped because of his team not being as good. I think he will develop into a terrific gaurd in the future he is athletic and can shoot in a few years i think he can develop into a top point guard especially passing to Blake Griffin there is a reason he is the one playing point now that Davis is out even though they picked up Foye in the offseason.

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