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Eric Bledsoe

Things are definitely quiet and I don't think things bode well for where he could go. Options-

Minnesota- has young core at every position of Levine,Wiggins, Shabazz,Bennett,Dienng plus veterans in Moe Williams, KMartin, Corey Brewer, Thad Young, Pekovic. Lots of assets plus some bad contracts in Budinger, JJ Barea. That leaves two point guards asking for the MAX who are not going to get it. Bledsoe wants it this year while Rubio is asking for it when his contract runs out at end of year. Who would you rather have at say 4 years 50-60 million total?

Phoenix also has depth at every position but could use a quality big. G-Dragic, I.Thomas,Ennis,Goodwin. Wings-Green, Tucker, TJ Warren, Marcus Morris & Bigs-Plumlee, Markeef Morris, Tolliver, Len. Both teams have tremendous depth without their greedy guards and could afford to trade them and some depth to pick up a quality big.

Boston also seems to be in similar situation with Rondo, so I definitely see options for quality guards out there but after Love trade,Im not so sure about any quality bigs that could be had that would be available in a trade and a definitive upgrade to what they have. So two questions

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1) Rondo, Bledsoe, Rubio

1) Rondo, Bledsoe, Rubio assuming they all are going to want 4 years 60 million next year?Not sure if any have much trade value with their desired salaries and supply and demand of guards as opposed to Bigs. Who would you rather lead your team?

2) Boston, Phoenix, Minnesota all have lots of young depth and have accumulated these assets to eventually parlay that into a quality upgrade to starting 5, what bigs do you see being available that are going to be significant upgrades to Boston- Green, Sullinger, Olynyk,Zeller. Phoenix-Plumlee,Markeef Morris, Tolliver, Len. Minnesota-Thad Young, Pekovic, Dienng, Bennett. Any bigs out there available that would trade for one of the guards. Perhaps Detroit and Monroe make sense, but like Josh Smith and his 14M per year contract, do these guards have much trade value with 15 M per year contracts.

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Lets pull the trigger!

Cant wait til Christmas for this to happen so here goes:

TWolves trade JJ Barea, K. Martin, use 6 mil trade exception and release protection on 2015 1st rounder owed to Suns for Eric Bledsoe and 5 yrs 80 mil (16 per) Sound good T.Wolves fans?

Only one catch. Bledsoe agrees to a massive dip in the temperature for the $$$? After all the waiting and debating i still dont quite understand what Bledsoe's rights are as a rfa. I think he has the rights to A. sign with Suns to new contract, B. Agree or decline sign and trade option or C. Sign for qualifying offer.


Pg carousel

TWolves trade Rubio to Suns, use trade exception

Suns trade Bledsoe to Celtics

Celtics trade Rondo to TWolves

TWolves replace star in Love for Rondo. Rondo is star of growing team. Suns just became a fast break machine with Rubio. Celtics get a younger Rondo in Bledsoe with a few +/- vs actual Rondo. But... T.Wolves probably care the least to do this unless they can part with Barea and Martin. PLUS, Rondo leaves them in free agency. OOPS! Celtics might not care to get Bledsoe's new contract thats more than Rondo's current contract. Could go Rondo to Suns, Rubio to Celtics and Bledsoe to T.Wolves but still just a complicated. Anyways, in the name of Love (trade) Do something!!!

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No way

There's no way MN wants in on either of these trades. There'll be other options out there if they need to get rid of Rubio. But I don't think they'll be looking at getting rid of him. Rubio's agent of course is going to ask for the max, but in reality if Rubio doesn't improve his shooting this year, even his agent will know he's not going to get it.
Way to early to worry about this.

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Two Way Player

He is a two way player and has no holes in his game. But I just don't know how many more max to near max contracts can be devoted to PGs in this league. And Suns have Goran Dragic who was fantastic last season and is on a more manigiable contract.

Rubio is likely to be available, though there is no chance he is a max contract guy unless he can get his shooting percentage up very quickly. But setting aside his shooting percentage, you love the thought of him throwing lobs to Wiggins and Lavine.

Folks should not sleep on Marcus Smart coming into the league and fairly quickly establishing himself as a starting caliber PG. It is getting to the point that every team has a good PG and some have two.

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Just a comment regarding all

Just a comment regarding all the trade scenarios, the trade exception the Wolves received can only be used in a deal in itself. It can't be added as a means to make incoming salaries match. Example, the wolves couldn't trade Martin and the $6.5 mil from the trade exception for a player who makes $13mil+.

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I feel like almost every team

I feel like almost every team is pretty happy with their PG situations... a few notable exceptions: Detroit, Milwaukee (although Knight is still young), Sacramento and the Lakers.

Only teams off the top of my head that want a point guard like Bledsoe.

I feel like he should take the qualifying offer and just go for that money next year.

He needs to prove he can stay healthy before demanding the max, it's not a good sign that he's getting injured with the Suns' training staff.

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