ENOUGH with the Thabeet has a mid-range jumper crap

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ENOUGH with the Thabeet has a mid-range jumper crap

Just cause you saw him hit a couple of Js at the end of some workout video doesnt make him the next Dirk Nowitzki. Come on, guys.

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alot of the people that have

alot of the people that have seen him do where surprised its all about his confidence he would never look for that shot in a game thats why he makes it in practise and he was never an offensive force in collage

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I'll have to read workout reports before I make a judgement. But I really think he can make 15 footers at a good click on a catch and shoot in a GAME SITUATION. When you talk about how good shooters are, we usually talk about how many open shots they make. But seriously, most shots are NOT open. With Thabeet's height, he will be "open" more often as defenders will be less able to affect his shot. Based on pure accuracy, I'd say that Thabeet is below average for the center spot; but when his height and the nice, high release on his jumpshot is taken into consideration, he'll surprise many people with how many 12-15 footers he can make in a game.

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Thabeet is HORRIBLE offensively

I dont know about you guys but I watched about every UCONN game and any team that takes him better be ready to be dissapointed. I am a big fan of UCONN but am shocked people are actually making him out to be a legitimate big man. At 7'3 he was easily bullied by Dejuan Blair what do you think is going to happen in the league. Yea hes a great defender but his offense is SOOOO BADDD its rediculous. You think Gasol is soft wait till you see this guy in the paint.

(It might sound like I hate this guy but I am a UCONN fan and watched him all year only to be dissapointed time and again)

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I watched Kevin Willis playing with the basketball on the sideline years back... He looked like an And 1 player... Did it translate to the NBA game? NO!!! Every NBA player can hit a jumpshot by themselves (they are pros and suppose to)... Dude will not have a jumper in the NBA anytime soon... Not for the first 5 years at least... Kevin Love was considered a jump shooting big man and only made like 33% of his mid-range jumpshots... DO YOU GUYS REALLY THINK Thabeet will be a shooting threat? LOL... Im 99.9% sure that if he takes that shot in a game, he won't make more than 20%... So, I'm sure he won't even take that shot and if he does, he's an idiot....

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Thabeet will be a liability

Thabeet will be a liability in the pick and roll.....

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