Embiid contract details

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Embiid contract details

Some details of Embiid’s new contract have emerged. Embiid earns 25% of the cap in 2018-19 with max raises afterwards (approximately 146.5 million over 5 years based on current cap project). If he earns the MVP or is named First-Team All NBA this season, his starting salary moves to 30% of the cap (approximately 175.7 million over 5 years). The contract has protections for specific injuries (back, knee, and foot). If he misses 25+ games or plays less than 1650 minutes, they can waive him at a reduced rate. The amount Embiid would earn if waived after each season is as follows:

2018-19: 84.2 million

2019-2020: 94.2 million

2020-2021: 113.3 million

2021-2022: 129.4 million

If Embiid plays more than 1650 minutes in 3 out of 4 years (including 2017-2018), they cannot waive him at a reduced rate.

The last provision makes me question the deal. The protections mean the Sixers would owe less than would be owed by matching a max offer, but if they can easily disappear with three years left, this contract could go south.

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The ESPN article also said

The ESPN article also said Philly will not waive him unless his future injuries are career ending. So, even if he plays very little over the next 4 years, they are willing to pay him and keep with the process, rehabilitate him and start again. He'll only be 27 by end of the deal.

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