Elton Brand Signs with Hawks

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Elton Brand Signs with Hawks

According to his agent David Falk, Elton Brand hasl signed a 1 year deal with the Atlanta Hawks..
Falk said he believes Brand can play at least 5 more years....The 34 year old Brand averaged a career low 7 pts last season in Dallas,but despite his lack of offensive production Brand was still a good defender......
The Hawks lost forward Josh Smith to the Pistons,but has added veteran Paul Millsaps who could start at either forward spot..And rookies Mike Muscala and Lucas Nogiera,2 promising rookies that might crack the rotation by the all star break.......

Elton Brand agrees to sign with the Atlanta Hawks | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

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Damn, I was hoping my Bulls

Damn, I was hoping my Bulls would sign him to be their 4th big. EB can still be productive in short stints, can still hit that elbow J, rebound and defend. Plus with his strength and length he can defend 5's as well.

IDK who else is out there who will be willing to play for the vet min. Ivan Johnson??

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To be honest I still can't

To be honest I still can't believe your Bulls traded Elton in the first place. Even more so considering you guys hadn't, and haven't, had a good offensive-post player since (I omit Boozer, because he lets up just as much as he puts in).

One of the first ball game I ever saw live was the Celtics vs. Clippers, and I remember Brand was just unstoppable, and scored at will on the likes of The Candy Man, Big Perk, and Reaf. He also was a monster on D. I would have wished Brand to go to a contender (Like the Thunder or your Bulls) and win a ring. He deserves it. Heres the boxscore to the aforementioned game for those of you who were curious. It was also Gerald Greens first game, and everyone thought he was going to be good ha

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