Ellis or Jennings

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Ellis or Jennings

Who are the bucks keeping between the two? Looks like reddick is a lock as starting two guard for next year so one of these two players can be replaced.

Also where do you think they will fit in?

I say if they dont keep ellis I could see him fitting well with a team like Memphis. This is bayless and tony last year on contract

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Reddick is far from a lock

Reddick is far from a lock since he can choose where he wants to play. I am honestly not a fan of either, but it's not like people are lining up to go and play for the Bucks so they are probably going to keep Jennings and match whatever offer he receives and let Ellis go.

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Does it have to be one or the

Does it have to be one or the other? Why not rid themselves of both of them?
Neither of them are winners. Whether Monta returns is up to him since he has an early termination option.
I personally don't see why the Bucks would want Jennings back since he's not even worth the money of the contract that he already turned down.. I say if he gets an offer of more than 9 mill a yr from some other team, let him walk. If he doesn't get a satisfactory offer (he's looking for the max ROFL), give him the qualifying offer, search for his replacement in the mean time then trade him mid-season for whatever you can get for him.

Gun to my head I'd take Monta over Jennings because Monta's slightly less repulsive.

Redick returning isn't a guarantee either since he's an unrestricted FA.

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@Siggy Couldn't have said it


Couldn't have said it better myself.

If that were to happen, what do the Bucks do? Should Monta and Jennings walk, who's next years starting PG? With the caliber of todays NBA PG its not like great... or even really good ones become available often. Perhaps making an offer on Calderon in Detroit would be the way to go? I'm not in love with him either because of his defensive short comings, but when healthy and motivated he's a solid player and might be had at a lower dollar figure.

What about Reddick? Do you resign him at the 8-10 mil per he's looking for? I don't believe he's worth anywhere close to that # but I have a feeling some team out there will offer him money in that range.

Practically speaking the Bucks may end up without all 3 players. I wonder what next years backcourt rotation will look like?

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Jennings wants to be in a

Jennings wants to be in a larger market. Hes a big city guy

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By the way, what's the

By the way, what's the difference between a player option and an early termination option?

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I found this on the net in

I found this on the net in response to Tongue Out's query

Player Options give the player the right to invoke the option. There can be only one option year.

# Player Early Termination Options (ETOs) give the player the right to terminate the contract early. An ETO can't occur prior to the end of fourth season of the contract (which implies that the contract must be for at least five seasons).

Here's a summary of the differences between an option and an ETO:

* Options can occur only when one season remains on the contract, while ETOs can occur when two seasons remain if the contract is for six seasons.
* Options can be included in any multiyear contract, but ETOs are allowed only with five or six year contracts.
* Options can be held by the player or the team, but ETOs are always held by the player (i.e., there's no such thing as a team Early Termination Option).
* Option years may not have a lower salary than the previous season. ETOs have no such restriction.
* A contract with a player option can be extended when the option is not exercised. A contract with an ETO may not be extended if the ETO is exercised.
* When determining the amount of a trade bonus, option years are not counted as part of the remaining value of the contract, but years following an ETO are counted

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The Bucks should rid

The Bucks should rid themselves of both, and start over brand spankin new in the backcourt, perhaps make a push to land Bledsoe

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