Elliot Williams, injured or has a promise?

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Elliot Williams, injured or has a promise?

"Since leaving school, former Tigers guard Elliot Williams has been working out by himself in Los Angeles to prepare for the NBA Draft later this month. Outside of his daily Twitter updates (@ewill901), however, nobody seems to know much about what's going on with Williams or where he stands in the draft process.

Since working out for the San Antonio Spurs, where he reportedly suffered a minor knee injury, Williams has practically dropped out of sight, skipping the Chicago pre-draft combine. According to industry sources, Williams has turned down or ignored invitations recently from at least three teams to come in for workouts.

He is also declining interview requests to explain it all. In a text to The Commercial Appeal on Friday, Williams said he would love to answer questions but he was "busy preparing for the draft" and wouldn't be available until closer to the draft.

One can surmise that Williams' silence comes at the direction of his agent, Thad Foucher, from Wasserman Media Group (Arn Tellem's agency). But what does it mean?

Some have speculated that Williams received a promise from the Spurs that they would use the No. 20 pick on him if he's still available. Others wonder if Williams is perhaps more injured than he's letting on, though those in direct contact with the Williams camp insist he's fine and Williams' Twitter updates indicate that he is working out daily".

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It's a shame he hasn't been

It's a shame he hasn't been really active in these workouts, I wanted to see him go up against guys like Anderson, Crawford and Jones, especially because he's a really good man-to-man defender and it would be interesting to see how those top-notch scorers fared against him, and how he performed against them.

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He'll be a guy to watch come

He'll be a guy to watch come draft day, if the 20th pick goes by and his name isn't called he could be in for a huge slide, especially if teams do find out if his injury is pretty bad....

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I like Elliot Williams being

I like Elliot Williams being a ex- Dukie and all.

I think he's hurt because the fit of Williams to San Antonio doesn't make much sense. Roger Mason has been a bit of an issue but I think he fits the 6th man role perfectly. I think San Antonio needs to go after a post player. I would settle with Larry Sanders or Nemanja Bjelica.

To me, Jordan Crawford is a better player then Elliot Williams.

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He's scheduled to work out

He's scheduled to work out for the Hawks this week.

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I think Elliot Williams will

I think Elliot Williams will be a 2nd round pick personally. Wouldn't be surprised if he was at least..

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