Eliminate the "Battier" and the "Cassell"

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Eliminate the "Battier" and the "Cassell"

I love the NBA but I hate these 2 plays. The first is the slide in charge. Of course, and on the ball defender who beats his man to the spot should get a charge. The off the ball slide in is in no way an athletic play-it has no equivilant in sports that I can think of. Everyone should have to play D, not just jump in and stand there. Asik and Hibbert do a great job of going straight up, why can't everyone?

The slide in charge:
- is hard to call, and often wrong
- takes away an exciting part of the game, the drive
- penalizes a player for a good bball move (beating his man and driving) and rewards a punk play
- encourages flopping
- is dangerous

Also the Cassell (ball fake, defensive player jumps up or out but DOES NOT INVADE THE SPACE of the offensive player, just to have the offensive player jump into him with some terrible shot attempt, should also go. Players should shoot using their natural motion. Who shoots jumping forward or to the side? Make it a no-call and it goes away fast. Who like a punk play, followed by a stoppage and 2 boring free throws?

So, I guess the final point is guys should play like men, not punks looking for calls or making non-athletic plays

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