Elfrid Payton finally making a name for himself

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Elfrid Payton finally making a name for himself

Glad that his experience playing with Team USA's U19 team gave him such a bigger reputation. Never even heard of this guy until he got invited to try out for Team USA and I was impressed from what I saw from him in the U19 World Championships. Even though I haven't seen him play too many times, I believe that he could be a potential 1st round pick in 2014 or 2015 and that I hope he ends up being successful.

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I was impressed by his play

I was impressed by his play at the U19s. He's long, smart, active, fairly athletic, can slash, is unselfish, knows his limitations, knows how to move without the ball to get easy looks and plays really pesky defense. IMO, Team USA's defense was at it's best when he spearheaded the pressure.
He needs to increase his range and continue to get stronger, but otherwise I think he has 3rd guard potential bc of his defensive potential alone.

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siggy, good assessment again.

siggy, good assessment again. finally got around to youtube to see some of this guy's game. it's just highlights, but he seemed to have a good, smooth game with a nice handle on the ball. i would say he's more of an attacking pg and i didn't see much spot on shooting from long range, but his mid range wasn't bad and driving to the basket wasn't a problem either. i'm not sure how his game would translate in the league, i would like to see more but i believe as the leader of louisiana-lafayette, he will lead that team to more victories this year. he's probably best to be a 4 year player though.

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