Elfrid Payton

im really impressed by this guy. 6'5 PG with good defense and unselfishness. He's very under the radar because his team isn't in a power conference and don't win a lot. The last person who fell victim of that goes by the name of paul george.... yea. Payton is currently averaging 20-5-5 with big games vs baylor and Arkansas. What do y'all think of him?

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I believe he is 6'3 but great

I believe he is 6'3 but great player anyway. Didn't he play on team USA?

Ty Benjamins
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my bad

he is 6'3, watched some highlights of him and he looks bigger and plays bigger. But yea he was on USA U19 team. Was said to be one of the better defenders

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Very good player. he is also

Very good player. he is also a whole year young for his grade. He skipped a grade earlier in school. Yes he did play on USA U19 team.

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He's smooth and very

He's smooth and very talented, he should play another year and come out in 2015 where he will most certainly be a 1st round pick in a tad bit weaker draft class

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