Ed Davis, boom or bust?

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Ed Davis, boom or bust?

I haven't seen much discussion about Ed Davis. Seems like he has a lot of potential but is coming off a season where he wasn't able to lead his team to return to the top. He has good size at 6'10" with shoes, good wing span, descent athlete. I must admit he looks like a little kid. He seems to play hard and be better at the defensive end. Needs to add strength though. Thoughts?

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don't think boom or bust

I think he is a pretty safe bet to be a servicable bigman. He isn't the dominant, alpha scorer type, so to expect him to lead a team that had no shortage of issues was too much. He has maturity issues, both physically and mentally. I think he is a little overrated but I would take him late teens. Any team picking in the 20's would love for him to fall, he needs a year.

My pro comparison is Emeka Okafor. I think that if Ed went back to school he would be the top returning big in the country.

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I don't see him being

I don't see him being anything. He can't shoot, he has post moves but no strength or athleticism. Were does he possibly fit?

At best i think he is a weak Brandon Bass but less aggresive.

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i dont see

Why you can't compare him to another former unc player, Brandon Wright. Who also left way too early, and was raw but a shot blocking presence in college.

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Ed Davis proved he is a very

Ed Davis proved he is a very good rebounder and shot blocker last year and I think both those traits will translate to an NBA level. IF he adds to his offensive arsenal he could be a very good player, but you can't bank on that kind of improvement. I think he's a safe enough pick to warrant a lottery pick and has the ability to become more, but personally I think he is at best a Dale Davis type player and at worst his first couple years parallel Darrel Arthur's.

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Davis will not be a BUST..Its

Davis will not be a BUST..Its not hard to like what you see in Davis ,athletic,rebounds well,runs the floor,shot blocker,he has a little left handed hook..But we haven't seen enuff of him..Plus some scouts compare him to another UNC guy Brandon Wright that left school early and became a bust...But to me Davis seems alot stronger then Wright...He might like a lot of Carolina guys they seem to be better in the pros then they were on college...He could go as high as 6 or drop to 20...

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i think he is like Ibaka

i think he is like Ibaka

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I see nothing special about

I see nothing special about him. He will more than likely be a serviceable starting or back up PF (11 PPG 8 Reb 1 Blk career stat line). He is a low risk, low reward prospect. I actually think he is a overrated prospect, and doesn't warrant a lottery selection, I see him more in the 30-20 pick range.

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He will be okay

But I see him falling to like 16 or 17th pick, he will probably be just as good as Taj Gibson was last year if he can stay healthy, which is a big question the guy is not impressive other than his vertical and really never did anything at UNC. I think after that Marvin Williams debacle teams are more skeptical of taking a guy without ever really seeing him play. That's another reason why Orton will not sniff lottery either

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Wright wasn't a good defender, nor was he a good rebounder. Eddie Davis is an excellent defender and is a very established rebounder. Wright had the better jump shot, and was more fluid offensively, but Davis has a better touch around the rim, and was MUCH more efficient.

The Brandon Wright/Eddie Davis comparison is made a lot, but it is a very poor comparison.

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who said this guy is not

who said this guy is not athletic??.. lol

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The two things Davis needs is

The two things Davis needs is strength and a right hand. Hopefully him breaking his left wrist was a blessing in disguise as it let him improve his right, which was non-existent before.

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To me he is a perfect PF

To me he is a perfect PF "piece" not franchise cornerstone "piece" to building a Championship calibur basketball team. Hes one of those players every team needs a high energy good defensive big with good rebounding skills the difference is Davis has more offensive skill than most of those types of players.

Please don't compare him to Brandon Wright Ed Davis exhales confidence in his abillity and will tackle the NBA aggressively. If Brandon Wright had of done that he would be a solid pro today.

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Ed Davis will be serviceable

Ed Davis will be serviceable I agree, but he's not special at all. I wouldn't take him in the lottery, but he would be a decent pick up in the top 20. He has an unblockable jump hook, is a good rebounder, and has good length and a high motor which can make him a serviceable defender, but sometimes he's too narrow to be a presence against true NBA level PF's. He also plays much more like a C than a PF and has little mid-range game right now, and isn't likely to be as big a shot-blocking presence in the NBA as he is in college because he's not as effective against athletic PF's or C's and he's not as athletic as he's made out to be. He plays stiff sometimes. Ed Davis is more along the lines of a PJ Brown to me it seems like.

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a role player

i dont see ed davis being a big time star in the league or a bust. i jus see him coming off the bench and mabye getting a few rebounds and playing ok defense. i never understood all the hype around the guy anyway. he never seemed to have any great skills or amazing traits about him. i jus think he became a victim of going 2 north carolina and trying 2 be hyped the next big thing.

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Davis could be steal of the draft from 10 on

A could be a bust....I think he'll be a steal....

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