East Vs. West position by position...Point Guards

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East Vs. West position by position...Point Guards

My quick rundown of the starting Pg's and notable backups in the NBA

Western Conference

1. Chris Paul (Clippers)
2. Russell Westbrook (Thunder)
3. Tony Parker (Spurs)
4. Steph Curry (Warriors)
5. Ricky Rubio (Timberwolves)
6. Jrue Holiday (Pelicans)
7. Damian Lillard and C.J McCollum (Blazers)
8. Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson(Nuggets)
9. Mike Conley Jr. (Grizzlies)
10. Steve Nash (Lakers)
11. Jose Calderon (Mavericks)
12. Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe (Suns)
13. Greivis Vasquez and Isaiah Thomas (Kings)
14. Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly (Rockets
15. Trey Burke (Jazz)

Eastern Conference

1. Derrick Rose (Bulls)
2. Deron Williams (Nets)
3. Rajon Rondo (Celtics)
4. Kyrie Irving and Jarret Jack(Cavs)
5. John Wall (Wizards)
6. Brandon Jennings and Chauncey Billups (Pistons)
7. Jeff Teague (Hawks)
8. Kyle Lowry (Raptors)
9. Kemba Walker (Bobcats)
10. George Hill (Pacers)
11. Ray Felton (Knicks)
12. Jameer Nelson (Magic)
13. Mario Chalmers (Heat)
14. Brandon Knight and Luke Ridnour (Bucks)
15. Micheal Carter-Williams (76ers)

Which coast has the better/deeper crop of Pg's???

I'll start on the Sg's next...

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Rondo unlikely plays for the

Rondo unlikely plays for the first half of the season and won't have Pierce and KG to pass the ball to, so I'd put Kyrie over him.

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Jrue Holiday was an All-Star

Jrue Holiday was an All-Star last year yet goes behind 2 non All-Stars... Should at least be above Rubio, maybe Curry has the edge but Holiday is a better defender and passer (especially now that he'll have better teammates).

I'd probably take the West, only by a little bit.

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Solid list, though I'd put

Solid list, though I'd put Holiday over Rubio. Rubio hasn't really been healthy while Holiday has an All-Star game under his belt.

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I gotta go West because

I gotta go West because they're both really solid at the top and about the same at the bottom, but the middle of the pack is what sets the West apart, IMO.

I like Lillard, Lawson, Rubio, and Conley Jr. ( I'd put him above Rubio, Lawson and Lillard, but that's just me ) Holiday is really solid too (i'd say he's the bst of the middle )over Jennings, Teague, Lowry and Walker.

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I like the West's crop of

I like the West's crop of PG's as of now. If Derrick Rose returns to his MVP, that could change. As of now the West has the best overall PG, Chris Paul, and the most athletic PG overall, Russell Westbrook, assuming he comes back 100 percent from his injury. Tony Parker is the most underrated PG I believe because he has all the rings CP3 and Westbrook don't have, but the guy is just a stud and a flat out winner...

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Solid list although I I agree

Solid list although I I agree with the GBTS and Tongues out that Holiday should be moved up.

I'd also put Lin at at 11 or 12. Yes he couldn't put up Linsanity numbers last season but he's still a solid starting PG.

In the East my only qualm is about George Hill's placing. I personally think he's one of the most underrated players in the league and could be 7th or 8th.

Overall a good list though and I'd like to see you continue onto the other positions.

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West for now. East has some

West for now. East has some really good candidates but West is better.

In 3-4 years however, I will take the East. That is if all the PG's on this list stay and start for their respective teams

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As talented as Rubio could be

As talented as Rubio could be I would bump everyone else up one until 9 where I would place Rubio. He's been hurt, no jumper and less than spectacular so far. As of right now I'm taking Holiday, Lawson, Lilard, and Conley over Rubio.

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